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It’s three weeks in, and you’ve run out of the cash you brought with you (or your parents gave you). Besides robbing Wisey’s, where’s a kid to go for cash? ATMs are available in your favorite dining location, Leo’s, as well as in the Leavey Center right across from GUASFCU. You can cash checks there, open an account, and even become a teller if you’re interested.

Access to Everything You Want

OK, not everything you want, but having your GOCard is a necessity to getting into your dorm, Lau, Leo’s and pretty much all of campus. More importantly though, it can be your ticket to food on and off campus. With all freshman meal plans, you get at least $50 worth of flex dollars to spend at Epicurean (non-Darnallians can visit their friends there or make new ones wile they’re at it), Corp locations (those toasted bagels are divine), and other spots. More importantly though, you can add money to your card so you can use it like a credit card. This becomes important when you realize your laundry can no longer wait (nor can your roommate). And when you realize you can’t stand Leo’s that second week in, Wisey’s, Sweetgreen and Saxbys all take Debit Dollars … along with Moral of this story: a little cash on your GoCard will go a long way for those late night munchies.

My Printer’s Out of Ink. Now What?

Don’t worry, you’re not the first student to break their printer the second month of school. Fortunately, that’s why there’s printing in Lauinger Library, in the media centers of each freshman dorm, the computer labs in the Intercultural Center and in MSB’s Hariri. Just remember that GOCard, as it will cost you 10 cents a page unless you’re an MSB’er that can print for free in Hariri. Hint: make friends in the MSB for exactly this purpose.

Freshman 15 …

Don’t worry, there’s Yates for that. Not only does it contain a pool, indoor track, weights and a lot of other workout fun, the campus field house offers cool classes from Zoomba to yoga. There’s alsointramurals and other special fitness events going on each month. Drag a friend, work out, and feel better about the damage done on Thirsty Thursdays. Or you can explore the running and biking trails beyond the gates.

Mixing up the Study Spots

Check out some of the chill study locations on campus. From Blommer Science Library to MSB’scomfy leather chairs, you’ll find many an underutilized study spot on campus. Sneak into Riggs Library in Healy, check out the Medical School Library, or grab a classroom in the Car Barn. And after paper number six, no one can stand dear Lau, so hit up Saxbys or another local coffee shop to give you that extra boost and use free wireless.

Real-Person Status Awaits

We all technically want jobs … just not now when we can sleep in til noon. But, being the overambitious Georgetown students we all are, check out the Career Center to put your summer internship fears, interview qualms or future life questions to rest. From coaching and resume clean-ups to career mapping, the center is happy to help you figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life — besides watch the Hoyas crush Syracuse in basketball, of course.

Home Sweet Home

Yes, you do have a mailbox, there is a laundry room, you can receive packages, and when you lock yourself out after a night out someone will let you back in. Mail is typically found on the ground level of every freshman dorm, and make sure you write down your lock combination, which can be found on your Housing-at-a-Glance page. Laundry can be done with your GOCard cash. Make sure you bother your family and friends for care packages when you’re yearning for comfort food. You can pick these wonderful surprises up in your RHO, which will alert you by email whenever you have something special waiting for you. During those first few RA meetings, make sure you actually add the RA on duty’s phone number. Trust us, it’ll come in handy for those late night lockouts.

Media Galore

Be sure to make the most of an undiscovered gem: the Gelardin New Media Center on the first floor of Lauinger. Feeling like a chill movie to wind down the night? Check it out from the library. Need to film something for a class? Check out a video camera from the center. Need to print something in color? Yeah, you got it.

Healthful Living

Georgetown also offers its own Student Health Center, which offers free counseling for issues ranging from personal to study habits. Nutrition information along with a clinic for students right by Darnall come in handy when epidemics like swine flu hit — thankfully we seem to be past that.

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