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The ‘R’ Word

rwordBlue and Gray tour guides sometimes like to mention a little Georgetown factoid:

70 percent of Hoyas marry other Hoyas. Such a figure may seem astronomically high, but have no fear — this is definitely not a “ring before spring” school. In fact, most students would complain about the lack of dating, saying we tend to be more of a “hookup school.” Many singleHoyas attribute this to their busy schedules and that they don’t have time for a real relationship.

But that doesn’t mean that dating is dead on The Hilltop. While daters are in the minority compared to their solo counterparts, you’ll most likely know a couple or two going strong within your circle of friends. At the beginning of your first year, there will be a number of longdistance couples, but the pressures of college, geography and a new sense of freedom can often cause the number of hometown honeys to decrease as the semester wears on.

But where to meet someone if you’re on the prowl? Whether you’re looking for a fling or a “the one,” we’ve dissected the dating scene. Here are the best (and worst) places to find some lovin’.


This underclassmen haunt is notorious for many a dance floor make out. Seventy-five percent of the time, it’s another Hoya, but there is a chance you may end up grinding against an unsuspectingtwentysomething who strolled into Third Edition thinking it was actually a respectable establishment on Thursday nights. Either way, Thirds is a DFMO place, hookup at best … which is probably a good thing — you wouldn’t want to tell your grandkids how you met if it was at this place.

House Party

Virtually all Hoyas go to these in the hopes of meeting new people. And sometimes you will, but depending on the sketchiness level, you’ll more likely end up with a hookup than a relationship. Typically, the rate of alcohol consumption is inversely related to the likelihood that you’ll develop a real connection with someone.


Ah, the first day of classes, when everyone is scouting out for fresh meat and no one’s wearing sweatpants. Unlike house parties, meeting someone in class actually has the potential to result in something more than a booz booty call. For the highest level of success talk to that cutie in the second row on the first day. Nothing’s worse than meeting your soulmate in a finals study session, only to have them go abroad the following semester. One caveat with a class fling: Intro classes are so huge that actually having a conversation with someone can be awkward. So be brave and sit next to that econ hottie; or, at least ask to borrow a pencil.

Club or Team

Sure, a co-ed club would seem to be the best place to meet the perfect person for you, since you’d share so many things and activities in common. But if the organization is very tight-knit (read: gossipy), it only takes more than one hookup to cement your identity as the team slut. And let’s be real — it gets awkward at meetings after that.

The line at Midnight Mug

This may not be the first place you’d think of to meet someone, but long rushes at this Corp coffee shop do have an upside: A 15-minute wait on the coffee queue is the perfect place to casually strike up a conversation without it feeling forced. The obvious conversation starter: Why you are in Lau at 1:50 a.m.? After all, the only thing Hoyas love more than Georgetown Day is complaining about how much work they have.

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