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Three’s Company

One may be the loneliest number, but as the song goes, two can be just as bad. Britney Spears provided a possible solution — “3.”

At Georgetown, threesomes are more prevalent than many might expect. However taboo they still might seem, threesomes are a part of sex life on campus and are diverse in form, substance and level of intrigue.

Jessica, a sophomore whose name has been changed because of the nature of the subject, shared her experiences with a menage-à-trois, and shed some light on the expectations of threesomes. When Jessica had some friends and former coworkers visit Washington, D.C., she had a threesome with a man and woman after a night of drinking. Although the other man and woman were romantically involved, Jessica recounts that she never felt uncomfortable during the experience.

“Being friends with them allowed me to feel safe and comfortable,” Jessica said.

While Jessica says her threesome was good fun, it is not something she feels like she would be interested in actively pursing again.

Although she stated that she did not really notice the male-centric nature of the experience at the time, the man had sex with both her and the other woman, and then they both performed oral sex on him. In threesomes composed of two women and one man, the man can sometimes become the focus. Instances of two men and one woman are uncommon in heterosexual groupings.

This stereotype breaks down, however, when the threesome consists of just men. John, who is now a junior, hooked up with Tom during part of last year. When Tom invited John to join him in a threesome with another guy Tom was involved with, John accepted. Although John did not know the third person, he said the initial awkwardness of the threesome did not stop it from being an overall steamy experience.

“Adding a third man added something new,” John said. “And it was the best sex I ever had.”

Although a threesome is the most common form of group sex on campus, Claire, a freshman, once found herself intertwined and naked with a few men and women in an orgy, also after a night of drinking.

Claire was not great friends with the mixed group before the experience but said this lack of familiarity reduced some of the tension and awkwardness she expected would engulf her in the beginning stages of group sex.

For Claire, an orgy with people whom she did not know as well as they knew each other ended up being a worthwhile sexual departure.

Unlike the group sex experience that Jessica details, Claire says that the focus was not on the men, but on the few women who participated. Claire’s night of sex with a group of people defies the more prevalent stereotype that threesomes and orgies will revolve around the men in mixed company.

Raul was not swept up in poly-passion after a night of drinking but carefully planned a threesome with his then-girlfriend and one of her female friends. Unfortunately for Raul, he and his girlfriend broke up before they could experience a third partner, but he had some advice to offers in hindsight.

“It’s more important for the girl to choose the other girl, especially if [she’s] a girl you care about,” he said.

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