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9 Reasons We’re Excited To Go Back To Georgetown


9 reasons why

Happy August, Hoyas! The 4E team hopes you’ve been enjoying the last precious weeks of summer before our epic return back to campus. Though you might not be excited about the idea of returning to the Hilltop – psh, who are we kidding? Like that would happen.

We know you’re probably anxiously awaiting move-in day and all the happiness it will bring, but just in case you aren’t jumping for joy just yet (maybe you still need to work on that summer tan before school), we’ve made a whole list to psych you up. Here is “The 9 Reasons We’re So Excited to Go Back to School”

We missed Wisey’sWisey's

Admit it: after reading this, there is nothing you want more in this world than a Wisey’s sandwich. Chicken Madness vs. Hot Chick debate aside, we can’t wait to get back to school and get our grub on. And speaking of grub…

We can’t wait to use GrubHub again

Grub Hub

Maybe you were one of the lucky people who spent the summer in a metropolitan area where GrubHub was readily at your disposal. I wasn’t. So, right now, there’s really nothing that I want more than to go back to school, for it to be 11:48pm on a Wednesday, and to get an insatiable craving for sweet and sour chicken. Because, guess what? I won’t even have to leave my building to get it. And I’ll even get to throw in a bubble tea in my order for dessert and to meet the delivery minimum. And while I’m still having food cravings…

We can’t wait to go to Good Stuff Eatery

Goodstuff Eatery

The burgers. The milkshakes. The amazing cow logo. All of the boundless happiness and carbohydrates. And it’s right next to Rhino. Can you say ultimate late-night snacking?

 We can’t wait to go out to the new New South Student Center PubGU Pub

Okay, kidding. This bad boy won’t be open until Fall of 2014, but still. Throughout this year, GU students will be able to give their feedback, suggestions and input for the new pub, which will be operated by Hoya alum F.B. “Fritz” Brogan III (C’07, L’10). And in the meantime, if you 21-ers need somewhere else to go out, you can still frequent Mr. Brogan’s other Georgetown establishment, Mason Inn. (Or to this next place…)

We can’t wait to go to The Tombs


Ah, thy hallowed grounds. We’re coming for you soon, friend. We’re coming for you oh, so soon. My heart longs for your spinach artichoke dip.

We can’t wait to see campus in the fall

Georgetown Fall

Just look at that. Cool, crisp autumn weather, a glass of warm apple cider and a viewing of The Exorcist. Nothing is better than Georgetown in the fall, right? (Except maybe Georgetown in the spring).

We can’t wait for basketball season

Big East Basketball Tournament - Cincinnati v Georgetown

I mean, that’s kind of a given. But just in case you didn’t follow my logic: Back to school = August = September = September 27 = Midnight Madness = Hoya basketball domination. (Also, we’ll miss you, Otto!)

We can’t wait to see the city againWaterfront

I mean, what other school can say this is their backyard? And only a little further down the road is this:

White House

But no one can take on the nation’s capital without a little bit of help. That’s why our top reason why we’re so excited to go back to Georgetown is:

We can’t wait to see all our friends!

Georgetown-Syracuse men's basketball game.


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