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Friday Fixat10ns: Just Keep Swimming


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I’m sure by now everyone has heard enough about midterms.  Sadly, they aren’t quite done. Many of us still have one more tough week, and only then will we be home free for Thanksgiving.  Today’s Friday Fixations is a playlist designed to motivate you, pump you up and just make you feel good through this final stretch.

1. One Week – Barenaked Ladies You’ve got just one more week to make it through and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an instance when this song can’t cheer you up.

2. Gotta Get Through This – Daniel Bedingfield The title pretty much says it all; you’ve just gotta’ get through this, and then you can go home and stuff your face with turkey!

3. Dream On – Aerosmith My personal favorite song, this inspirational hit pushes you to aspire for that “A” and makes you believe you can achieve it.

4. Stronger – Kanye West Contrary to what some people say, midterms won’t actually kill you.  After they’re done, you’ll just be a test-taking machine.

5. You Can Get It If You Really Want – Desmond Dekker One of the most positive songs I know, its catchy, upbeat melody and optimistic lyrics make this Desmond Dekker smash a perfect study song.

6. Rise Above It – Lock, Stock and Barrel If this song could inspire the Jamaican Bobsled team to run through the Canadian winter in the movie Cool Runnings, it can inspire you to eek out that last bit of studying!

7. Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned classic rock to tell you to “just keep swimming”.

8. If You’re Going Through Hell – Rodney Atkins This is country music’s take on the whole situation; as the song says, “when you face that fire, walk right through it,” because you are almost done.

9. The Final Countdown – Europe This one is pretty self-explanatory as well.  But nothing says “you’re almost there” like a little bit of Europe.

10. You’re The Best – Joe Esposito Made famous in the original Karate Kid, Joe Esposito sends you a friendly little reminder to put a smile on your face walking into that last midterm.  You’re the best!

Good luck Hoyas, and don’t forget to bookmark this playlist for Study Days, too!

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