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Who’s Your TV Character Valentine?


tv valentineSometimes fake people are better than real people. When that happens, you sometimes find yourself hopelessly devoted to a TV character. 4E wants you to know that it is OK for that to happen, and in fact, we even encourage it. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to show some love to the men and women who make our hearts race, ruin our GPAs and keep us up all night long.

10. Jim Halpert from “The Office” He is a rare, endangered species: a sexy paper salesman.


 9. Khaleesi from “Game of Thrones” She’ll whisper gibberish death threats into your ear, but you’ll still dig it.


8. Don Draper from “Mad Men” He’s a misogynistic class act who makes you yearn for simpler times, or at least a time when people dressed like Donny.


7. Phil from “Modern Family” His idea of a perfect Valentine is a woman with a 12-year-old’s idea of a good time.


6. Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation” Sorry folks, Leslie is unavailable this Feb. 14 due to a hangover from Galentine’s Day.


5. Walter White from “Breaking Bad” Only if you’re feeling dangerous.


4. Sheldon Cooper from “Big Bang Theory” He’ll blow (up) your mind.


 3. Dr. McDreamy from “Grey’s Anatomy” It’s a beautiful day to save lives. You? Me? Elevator?


2. Olivia Pope from “Scandal” Her Valentine is found at the bottom of a glass of Merlot after a hard day of being better than you.


10. Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother” Forget Valentine’s Day. With Barney Stinson every day is legen — wait for it — dary.


You may never meet these mythological creatures, but here’s hoping! Cheers to finding love (real or fake), Hoyas!

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