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What You’re Doing Now vs. What You’ll Be Doing on Spring Break


tomorrowWith Spring Break on the horizon and the excitement building (doesn’t everyone have a countdown going?), it is getting harder and harder to fathom the reality of school and work. Personally, I’ve reached that point where I wanna go hide under my covers and watch a billion and a half teen beach movies. There’s a big difference between what you’re doing now and what you’ll be doing one week from now. Take a look:


Right now you are probably in Lau, tired and pretending to learn. However, on Spring Break you will be catching up on all the latest gossip magazines: Elle, People, Star… You better own them all.


School means Leo’s, so you are probably eating a crummy salad or waiting in an obnoxiously long line for something half edible. If you were on Spring Break, you would be eating some delicious Caribbean delicacy, not caring about its calorie count at all.


As the fit college students we are, there is a pretty good chance that you are at Yates. On Spring Break, you can sit around all day and do nada, because you’ve earned it!


At school you are continually waiting for the weekend. On Spring Break, every day is the weekend. What is better than that?


Being the procrastinators that Georgetown students are, there is a very good chance you are scrolling through 4E. Well on Spring Break, you should still be doing the same thing. Because, come on, we are kind of amazing.

Keep your heads up, Hoyas. Spring Break is almost here and so is your time to relax. While you are sitting in Lau, remember that it is almost over and no matter what, you always can count on us.

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