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Finals Fashion Part 2: Revenge of the Sundresses



Guess what’s back (again).

A few of you might remember my Finals Fashion post from the Fall. (Don’t try to hide it. I know you all read it on the daily.)

While you should always heed my advice no matter the season, things have changed. Gone are the sweaters, boots and scarves. Before you get too depressed, remember that spring is here! And with it are a ton of new ways to make your final finals of the year flawless.

For me, spring is the last time to make a first impression. So spring finals is, like, the last, last first impression.

Since I am going abroad this fall, this next week will be my last tango until January. I know, you are probably sobbing. I’m sad too. We will get through this.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-14963-1375936316-11So, since this is basically it, I’m going to need to make my last week on this campus (read: runway) worth it.

Spring at the Hilltop is a glorious time filled with fun, friends and fabulously flawless fashion. Sadly, our humble abode has been hit by a snag of bad weather, and that is frankly an understatement. Thankfully, Georgetown students don’t let the weather get them, or their outfit choices, down. Read on for tips to impress during this finals season:

Sundresses. This is the ultimate go-to look for spring. People will probably look at you and think, “OMG why are you so put together?!” Lies. Sundresses are the ultimate lazy girl excuse for clothes. It is literally like wearing a sheet, plus colors and patterns (also, not a sheet at all). My advice? Sun and dresses are nice and all, but for finals? Leave that combination at home. Unless you wanna be the recipient of my bitchy resting face.

Too many to handle.

Georgetown gear. Despite the obvious preppy presence found on campus, Georgetown students can rock the school spirit wear. The best part is that no one will ever say anything bad about your choice of ensemble because they would then be going against Georgetown. And no one puts Georgetown in the corner.

Sandals. With warm weather comes a new shoe responsibility. Sandals, flip-flops, Toms… They are all the bomb-dot-com when it comes to the heat. They can be simple or adorable. I don’t care. But they are completely acceptable. Just make sure that you are not wearing them weirdly, because I’m not into that.

Florals. Many have a weird urge to wear florals during this special time of year. I mean, I guess I get it… It’s spring and all. I mean, I’m all for the “we’re all in this together” thing, but let’s be individuals here, people. Throw in some stripes, solids or statement shirts. The world will thank you. Who knows, maybe you will start a new fashion craze.


Leggings. TBT the days of winter leggings. As a famous writer (me) once said, “I am leggings.” I would have to agree with myself. No matter the season or occasion, leggings are a fan favorite. You can pull off that whole “I just worked out” look (even though there is a 98% chance you didn’t) while still being socially acceptable. This time, instead of pairing them with a baggy sweater or sweatshirt, try a t-shirt or button down. You will look so put together without doing anything. Too hot out? Running shorts are the way to go. All the fun, half the length.


Jeans. I know, I know… I was all against jeans (so conformist) last semester. I am not saying that I have had a change of heart. However, jeans are socially (and personally) acceptable during spring finals. Currently, I have limited options because I sent all of my winter clothes home. My solution to jeans in spring? Colored jeans: the perfect way to brighten up any day without doing really any work at all. Cuff ’em, cut ’em, color ’em… I don’t care. Just rock it.

People at other schools always talk about how much sun they get during spring finals. Personally, I am going to live my study life (read: hell) in peaceful darkness.

Until we meet in Lau, my friends. Call me, beep me, wear a sundress with me.

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