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Rory Gilmore Goes to Georgetown


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All seven seasons of Gilmore Girls hit Netflix today, so if this weekend is a slow one, it’s because everyone is understandably busy. With the best show of the early 2000s/ever coming back into our lives, some people couldn’t help imagining where Lorelai and Rory and the rest of Stars Hollow would be in 2014.

According one fan-fiction writer on Decider, the answer is: Georgetown! After graduating Yale in 2007 and heading off on the campaign trail with Obama, Rory ended up in Washington.

When Obama moved to Washington in 2009, so did Rory Gilmore. She covered politics for the online magazine until it was inevitably rolled into Gawker Media in 2010. Feeling a bit tired of the journalism game, Rory called in an old favor and got a job supporting Samantha Power in the White House. She took night classes at Georgetown. There, she struck up a relationship with Dr. Howard Minkoff, her professor of Global Health. Howard was dependable. Howard was polite. “Howard would never consider jumping off a cliff in South America,” Rory assured herself while making Howard a dairy-free omelet one autumn morning.”

Is Howard Minkoff real? Can I find him? Where does he fall in the Jess/Logan/Dean debate? Why didn’t Rory learn from Paris and Asher Fleming not to date your professor in case he dies and you have to keep his printing press in your dorm room?

The other characters are doing pretty well, too. Lorelai had a show on the Travel Channel, Luke moved into Lorelai’s house and April comes to visit (ugh), Sookie and Jackson are trendy with their local food, Paris went to med school, Jess is still writing, Logan made a ton of money, and Miss Patty wrote The New York Times bestseller “I Always Get a Standing O.”

To be honest, I am not on board with this account because it does not involve Rory and Jess spending their lives reading books together. But Rory as a Hoya (GRD ’13? MSFS ’12?) is a very exciting development.

Rory for commencement speaker 2k15!

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