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4E’s Georgetown Dining Wishlist


Dining Wishlist

Some may call the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., a food paradise with its sizable collection of restaurants, but for those college students who miss their go-to franchise locations, these quaint streets full of privately owned bars and restaurants can feel more like a food desert.

As some of you may know, a Georgetown Dining survey was recently sent out to students. Among the standard “How great is Leo’s, guys?” type of questions, the survey included questions asking which franchises we’d like to see on campus. The list is long. So, to quell the homesickness and induce some nostalgia, we’ve compiled a food wish list for Georgetown.

When asked where he is from, one of my close friends responds with a hair flip and an elitism-infused, “I’m from So-Cal.” Let’s give these California kids everything they want and bring an extension of this West-coast-based burger joint to campus.

I mean, come on.

Dunkin’ Donuts
Despite some weird seasonal treats (spinach and artichoke supreme bagel? Croissant donut?), you can’t beat a caramel iced coffee or a chocolate glazed donut with chocolate frosting. Even if they do have a location in Dupont, we need one closer to campus to satisfy our donut and coffee cravings

Remember those free sandwich coupons Chick-Fil-A gives at basketball games if the opposing team missed free throws? We would finally have a place to use them.

Everybody — especially people from Philly — loves Wawa. For those of you who have not yet experienced the hype, it’s basically a glorified convenience store. The food, however, is delicious — the macaroni and cheese is a fan favorite — and the sandwiches (hoagies) have a pretty devoted following as well.

Panera Bread
How great is this place? From yummy breakfast options to fantastic soups (two words: Bread. Bowl.), Panera’s got it all. There’s one in Dupont, but that’s honestly too far to fulfill my constant panini needs.

Is this real life??

While the debate over the best coffee and tastiest burgers will probably continue forever, the addition of these options to the neighborhood food scene would offer more variety and allow students to bring a little piece of “home” to campus regardless of where they are from. Georgetown, consider bringing a franchise students love to campus.


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