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Weird Things People Give Up For Lent



This year it feels like Lent kind of snuck up on us. (For you heathens, click here to learn about Lent.) It is standard for Christians to try to abstain from something during the 40 days preceding Easter Sunday in hopes of strengthening their faiths. To get you guys some inspiration, 4E asked Hoyas from all around campus what they are giving up this year. Here are a few responses:

Referring to myself as a lady-killa

“I know that every time I see a woman, she is immediately drawn to me. I think that for the next 40 days, I don’t have to proclaim my proclivity for seduction and instead can let my actions speak for themselves.”

Feeding my dog

“My dog seems to be happy and enjoying life. I think he should suffer through this Lenten season by fasting alongside me.”

Spitting in people’s drinks at UG

“In my six weeks of being a barista, my customers still don’t know that underneath the whipped cream they’re getting an extra shot of something.”

My passion for God

“I’ve been spending over an hour a week attending church services, and I think now is the perfect time to start cutting back.”

Keeping my friends’ secrets

“I think the religion is all about honesty, so I’m just going to start telling everyone everything.”

Complimenting people

“Half the time I don’t even mean it, so why waste my breath.”

Bringing my hamster to class

“He bit someone a few days ago…I have to put him down next week anyway.”

Stealing extra food from Grab and Go

“I decided that half of a cold sandwich and a rotten banana really is worth $14, so I’m done trying to ‘fix’ the system.”

Lent just started on Wednesday so there is still time if you want to take one of these phenomenal ideas, or you can pick your own!


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