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2001 GUSA Class Representative Candidates

Cindy Accousti (MSB ’04)

Hometown: Morris Plains, N.J.

Class of 2004Jessica Crnkovich (MSB ’04)

Hometown: Plano, TexasJohn Held (MSB ’04)

Hometown: Atlanta,Ga.Sanju Kumar (MSB ’04)

Hometown: Houston, TexasAnthony Marinello (COL ’04)

Hometown: Livingston, N.J.Somil Trevedi (COL ’04)

Hometown: Dallas, TexasJack Ternan (COL ’04)

Hometown: Plano, TexasDon Tansey (COL ’04)

Hometown: Short Hills, N.J.Emily Sun (SFS ’04)

Hometown: Parsippany, N.J.Daniel Stujenske (COL ’04)

Hometown: Floral Park, N.Y.Class of 2003Mary D’Ariano (COL ’03)

Hometown: Midland Park, N.J.Ted Bauer (COL ’03)

Hometown: New York, N.Y.Cory Meltzer (COL ’03)

Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla.

Nicholas Quinonez (COL ’03)

Hometown: Alhambra, Calif.Arun Srinivasan (COL ’03)

Hometown: Houston, TexasOliver Street (SFS ’03)

Hometown: Austin, TexasBen Anderson (COL ’02)

Hometown: Rockville, Md.Class of 2002Marty LaFalce (COL ’03)

Hometown: Kenmore, N.Y.Matt Hopkins (COL ’03)

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.Auggie Bartning (SFS ’02), Phoenix, Ariz, and Meghan Keeler (SFS ’02), Hobe Sound, Fla., could not be reached for comment.Aubrey Bruggeman (COL ’02)

Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.

Steve Glickman (COL ’02)

Hometown: Los Angelas, Calif.Keavney Klein (NHS ’02)

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.

Tom Weirich (COL ’02)

Hometown: Florida, N.Y.”Our student IDs should get us into every building … I also think slight campus beautification, such as more green space, more attractive callboxes, etc. … Some of my other issues include continuing the One Card process, expanding GUTS and adding more to student recreation.”My main goal is to improve the information pipeline between students and GUSA. I intend to make it easier for students to voice opinions to their reps and the GUSA board. Also, I will push for a monthly page summary that details the things GUSA has accomplished and is working on.”Crouching Kumar, Hidden Sun. We are Sanju Kumar and Emily Sun and we hope that come Tuesday, you will make a well-informed decision.”Open-mindedness, optimism and approachability define our words and actions … However, what distinguishes us from most is the first year know-how that we have gained from being GUSA representatives this past term.”

“I hope that all of the students make an informed and educated decision … Next year is an important year for GUSA and I look forward to continuing the success that we had in the Student Association this past year.”

“There are many important issues that I would like to see discussed in GUSA over the next year, and I believe I can do an excellent job in representing the opinions of the class of 2004.”

“As for actual ideas, we’ve got a few small ones that could work well for students. You know those cash to card machines for laundry cards? … we’re going to work with InterHall External Affairs Committee to make that happen. We’re going to try to work with HoyaNet Cable to get home team sports on its lineup, so that all Georgetown basketball away games can be televised.”If elected to GUSA, I encourage all of you to play an active role in voicing your perspectives to your representatives … I want to extend the GUTS bus hours on weekends. I want to implement a One Card system.”

“I know how to get rid of the fees groups pay to use rooms on campus. I know how to organize water balloon fights to build campus spirit. But I don’t know how to solve whatever it is that makes so many Georgetown students unsatisfied with their lives.”I think next year will bring some major issues to campus, including new student space in New South, smooth transition to the One Card, and of course a new president.”

“I hope to bring not only my ideas to GUSA, but to bring your ideas to the Student Association by being an effective representative. Remember, we as students are what make Georgetown University the school that it is.”

“I love Georgetown and I love working with people. I know many of my fellow classmates and I am a very approachable person, open to meeting those I don’t know and open to hearing anyone’s interests and/or concerns. I feel capable to act as a liaison between my class and the Student Association.”

“I think GUSA accomplished a lot this year, but I think there is still a lot that I can do as a representative. From my work at the Voice, I know a lot about the issues because I had to cover them, and I feel like I am in a position to deal with them.”

“I’ve worked on increasing funding for student activities by over $300,000 over the course of the next three years. I’ve worked to gain student seats on board of directors committees and I hope to work on ensuring new and open space for students.”

“We will propose to turn the Club Union into a legislative body with legislative powers … to create a system by which university organizations will be allowed to raise funds and keep any profit they may acquire by means in acccordance with standards of fund acquisition … and a special security council be established made up of students who will oversee issues of dorm security.”

“Squid [Nicholas] Quinonez and Cory Meltzer are crusaders who will fight for representation. Remember, `the politics of failure have failed. We must make them work again.’ This is our motto, and Squid Quinonez and Cory Meltzer will defend it to the death.”

“I hope that you will give me the opportunity to increase the level of positive interaction between students and GUSA. All too often GUSA is mocked in conversations among students as being distant and ineffectual.”

“I will provide effective logistical skills combined with an intelligent, open perspective towards the position. I encourage everybody to vote for the candidates they feel will represent everybody’s interests best.”

“I have acquired a wealth of knowledge on how to best work within the system to get what the students want. Furthermore, I have established strong ties with numerous members of the administration through work that I have done this year.”

“I want to be a part of GUSA because I think I know the interests of the senior class and can represent them well next year. The efficiency and accountability of GUSA right now is murky between the students and GUSA. I would like to change that.”

“I hope to represent our entire class, most especially the voices of the people that I have met at Georgetown that have traditionally gone unrepresented … I am looking to make our senior year as fun and memorable as it possibly can be.”

Mark Castellano III (MSB ’02)

Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla.

“I’ve come to greatly appreciate Georgetown, its people and the opportunities made available by immersing oneself in this kind community. I like chivalry, random acts of kindness (people really get stoked when you do something kind out of the blue), following whims and making a positive impact in whatever way I can.”

“We need to re-evaluate the job that Campus Ministry does to provide for students’ spiritual life … Georgetown should be recruiting faculty from a greater diversity of backgrounds … [and] the administration should foster additional student involvement in major university decisions.”

“Some ideas I have are to continue to improve Georgetown’s advising system, reevaluate the effectiveness of DPS and work with the senior class committee to help our class have the BEST senior year possible!”

“GUSA needs to evolve and to represent a wider array of individuals and clubs … my years at Georgetown have given me so many memories and have shaped so much of my own character that being part of the student government here is the most effective way of giving back.”

Auggie Bartning (SFS ’02), Phoenix, Ariz, and Meghan Keeler (SFS ’02), Hobe Sound, Fla., could not be reached for comment.

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