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Circulator Shuttle To Connect With GU

DC Department of Transportation The proposed bus lanes would run down the median of K Street.

In cooperation with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the D.C. Department of Transportation will introduce a new Downtown Circulator bus service which will run from Georgetown to Union Station.

For now, the Circulator will run from the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin rather than within Georgetown University.

Stops along this route include the waterfront, George Washington University, Pennsylvania Avenue and the new 7th Street Convention Center.

Construction of reserved bus lanes on K Street will not be completed until 2006 although riders will be able to use curbside bus service by the end of the year.

According to Alex Eckmann, mass transit officer for the DDOT, the need for a new K Street bus system originated from the deteriorating condition and increased traffic congestion of K Street as well as the lack of a continuous east-west cross-town transit service which connects Georgetown, downtown and Union Station together.

Currently, anyone who wishes to travel between these destinations must take multiple buses or even a combination of bus and Metrorail.

The DDOT has spoken with the university, however, about extending the service to the campus.

In order to enhance the efficiency of the new Circulator, a median busway will be constructed on K Street between Washington Circle and Mount Vernon Square.

The busway would consist of two exclusive bus lanes in the center of the street and non-bus travel lanes on either side of the median. Exclusive curbside bus lanes will also be constructed on the south side of M Street, the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue and the section of Massachusetts Avenue between H Street and Union Station.

According to Eckmann, buses run only 10 miles per hour when they share lanes with other automobiles but run 20 mph in bus lanes alone.

Community feedback from public meetings held in November and December of last year revealed negative reaction to exclusive bus lanes in the median of K Street. Eckmann said, however, that these central lanes enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility to the bus stops.

Additional customer amenities for this new service will include passenger information features, such as area maps, and real time “next bus” information at each of the bus stops on the route. Bus stops will be located approximately every two blocks throughout the route. Each bus will have low floors with multiple-door boarding capabilities and improved fare collection systems. According to Eckmann, the DDOT expects its primary passengers to include District residents, workers, visitors and conventioneers. The DDOT expects the Circulator to average approximately 13,000 trips per day by 2015.

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