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Dawson’s Diary Delights

Dawson’s Diary Delights

By Jeff DeMartino Salad Days

This summer I carried on a friendship that, well, means a lot. I know that a bunch of you Hoyas out there spend your Wednesday nights watching the hit teen drama “Dawson’s Creek,” so I’ll let you in on a secret.

During a routine – ok, hourly – trip to, I signed up to receive Dawson’s private thoughts and feelings, all wrapped up into one weekly e-mail update! Sure, they call it a “newsletter,” but hey – what letter isn’t? Dawson keeps me up-to-date on the his Gen. Y life, with all its vicissitudes! (Dawson taught me that word. He’s a really smart aspiring filmmaker.) After a couple weeks of deep letters and $5 words, let’s just say I felt a certain, special bond. I’m hooked on Creek! Here’s an excerpt:

Aug. 26, 1999

Hello all …

It’s been a bit of an insane week. In the past week I’ve come close to getting arrested, getting laid and getting fired – in that order. But take heart – in classic Dawson Leery fashion, all of the above were no more than close calls. Which really has me beginning to wonder about my risk-taking capabilities. Is Dawson Leery just destined to maintain the safest of all possible courses? Is spontaneous, reckless abandon completely outside of the realm of possibility for me? Wait, don’t answer that – especially you, Jen!

Strange dream you had Jocelyn! What in the world did you eat for dinner that night? Matilda, take it from someone who knows and wait until you’re ready for the next step. Very interesting theory, Patrick! You might be on to something … let’s talk more when I get back to Capeside.


Aug. 27, 1999

Dear Dawson,

Thanx so much for the 411! What the dilly-o, hombre? I understand what you’re talking about, man. At least you’re close to getting laid. You know, when I was your age, I had a couple of friends who used to “make out,” and we all thought that was really neat! First base smokes! I must say I live vicariously through you …

Hey, next time, give a shout out to me too, ok? Pacey and Joey won’t call me. All I do all day is eat Cheetos and read the J.Crew catalog.

I like girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch,


P.S. I forwarded you this hysterical dancing baby movie. Who would’ve thunk it – a baby that cuts a rug better than Pacey!

Sept. 4, 1999

Okay, things are a little calmer this week – that is, in my personal life. Work, unfortunately, has been filled with busy work and little mini-projects getting thrown at me at the last minute. Yesterday, Amber and I spent the ENTIRE day stuffing envelopes with some ridiculous flyers for some charity event being hosted by the station which, in addition to being insufferably tedious, of course prohibited me from some valuable Virtual Eyes snooping …

But I don’t really think I’m cut out for this 007 stuff. I’m not James Bond. I’m not even Austin Powers. Those guys were never placed on “watch” during their internship, which means if I’m found utilizing unauthorized facilities again, I will be essentially dishonorably discharged from my internship duties.

Whoever heard of a news station that punishes you for conducting an investigation????

Beth, I’ll ask Jen where she gets her hair done when I get back to Capeside. Angela, before you do anything crazy, I think you need to tell your Mom. Wow Jackie, I spend my summer in Philadelphia and you get to go the Bahamas? Life is so unfair.

All for now …


Sept. 5, 1999

Waddup my man? What the hell is Virtual Eyes snooping???? Why won’t you explain???? (Four question marks works really well – you’re a genius!) Anyway, I’m a little curious to find out what you were doing in the unauthorized facilities, if you know what I mean (wink, wink). He’s going for second!


Isn’t that neat?

I saw Beth the other day, and she got this really cool tapered ‘do – I think they call it a “Friends” haircut. Bangs are so 1997!

Man – how about that Austin Powers? I just can’t get enough of saying “Yeah, baby, YEAH!” And that Mini-Me is almost as funny as Pacey taking the PSATs!

Yeah, baby, YEAH!

Before I go, there’s this hot new Backstreet Boys song, and I don’t care what people say – those Boyz sure are talented!

Peace in da Middle East,


Sept. 10, 1999

Hi guys.

This will have to be quick since I’m a little busy with work and all that stuff, but I wanted to make sure to at least get my postcard out. Not too much excitement to report. Oh, but (Jen, I know you’ll be psychotically jealous …) I DID unexpectedly get to go to the Tori Amos/Alanis Morisette concert here in Philly!

It was quite an experience. By the end of the show I felt like I should apologize to all the women in the audience for my Y chromosome … Of course, then we almost lost my cousin Brad at the concert – which was a bit scary. But anyway, he’s found. Well, I gotta get back to work.

Sorry to hear the you’re not feeling well Darren … having a cold during the summer is the worst! Terri, thanks for asking about my parents … yes I think they are actually talking to each other … you never can tell.

All for now …


Sept. 11, 1999

Amos rocks, dude. I can’t believe you went to the show.

So anyway, I’ve been re-reading those Judy Blume books you told me about, and you’re right – Blume really is deep, man. “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” is so damn existential.

Hey, man – you still won’t return my phone calls. I keep telling that “Audix” woman to put you through, but she just refers me to the WB publicity department operator. Give me your direct line, man!

I told Darren to stop getting all kissy-kissy with that mystery girl or else he’ll have an episode dedicated to him!

Well, gotta go. “TRL” is on MTV!

Hit Me Baby One More Time,


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