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Dispelling Myths of the Georgetown Date

For three years I have listened to people complain about Georgetown’s dating scene, mainly because it doesn’t exist.

I have heard it over late-night pizza and New South Sunday mornings. Students are starting to think that there is more to blame for their social frustrations than just their game.

Here we are in college, where there are endless social events to meet members of the opposite sex, an undergraduate population of roughly 6,000, on a campus where people clearly have something going for them, and we can’t manage to find the guy or girl we are looking for.

Our dating system is clearly failing us, and I think it is because Hoyas, both male and female, still believe in two big myths.

As freshmen we learn that the weekend party scene is dominated by a hook-up culture.

This means that a socially acceptable way to spend a Saturday night is to begin drinking with friends, visit some on-campus parties in search of acquaintances or more alcohol and, if the opportunity presents itself and enough beers have been consumed, to have some form of a sexual encounter with someone who is not your significant other or friend.

This behavior is even seen by many as the primary motive to go out on the weekend; although, even if a guy or a girl is successful in this mission, more often than not he or she feels rather unsatisfied.

Myth #1: Girls think that if they hook up with a guy he will be more interested in her.

It is important to understand that girls by nature are different from guys when it comes to sexuality, because girls develop a physical as well as an emotional connection, while some guys can easily be satisfied with just the physical aspect of it.

Despite this biological truth, there is a lot of pressure on girls to think that commitment-free sexual encounters are what they should want. Magazines like Cosmopolitan constantly advertise the fearless and fun female whose sexual exploits keep her life exciting. Sometimes girls are called old-fashioned, no fun or “prudes” if they can’t live fast like their male counterparts.

While the hook-up culture may be okay with some guys, it isn’t OK with the majority of girls, whether they admit it to themselves or not.

Many guys might object to this by saying that girls are just as eager to hook up.

Perhaps it appears this way, but it is important to recognize that a girl wants something different out of the encounter than a guy does. Girls expect something afterward while a guy does not, and so when he doesn’t call her, she is unsatisfied and hurt. Just ask her friends. Guys need to accept this and take some responsibility.

Myth #2: Guys do not want anything serious, so girls must take what they can get.

From the lack of effort guys make to ask girls out on dates, it would seem that most guys truly are only interested in hooking-up and not getting to know the girl. But if the male hook-up culture is currently dominating Georgetown, why do so many guys complain so much?

Based on the complaints from guys I know, I can tell you that most guys would be stoked if they could spend some quality time with a girl they were really interested in. But because they are so used to succeeding in everything they do, they fear that their social skills are not up to par with their academic ones. In our university environment we pay more attention to developing our academic ability than to our social skills. Fear, however, is never a valid excuse. Guys, I will tell you that going on a date with another Hoya is so rare that she will probably say “yes” just because you proved you had enough confidence to ask.

After all, this is how my year-and-a-half relationship began with my current boyfriend.

The current social scene might look like a lost cause, but a renaissance might be possible if we know what direction to go in. ale-female relations were not always as tainted as they seem now.

The current arrangement is just a vicious cycle that started with a couple of fallen angels. Only a couple of decades ago, men had to treat women like princesses to even hold their hands. Women felt like they were these princesses, and so they expected nothing less.

But either to gain a competitive advantage in the female world or because the messages of the media finally brainwashed them, some girls dropped their princess stature and let themselves be won a little easier by the guys.

Chivalry went out of fashion and casualness came in, although, just like 50 years ago, men still want to feel needed and women still want to feel cherished. Most girls are princesses at heart.

While Hoyas passionately debate about how we can change political issues, it is sad that when it comes to our social lives, we compromise ourselves. Accepting the status quo when we know we could improve it is just un-Georgetown.

To begin to change this, girls must come to terms with what they really want and start demanding more than this hook-up culture.

And guys, you can do it. Take back the date.

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