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Football Game Presents Golden Opportunity

College is a time of new beginnings and new experiences. And as this campus is once again overrun with an incoming class of freshmen, I strongly urge the new students on campus to expand their horizons by attending Georgetown athletic events, specifically the Georgetown football game against Lehigh this Saturday on Kehoe Field.

Last year on Sept. 23, the Georgetown football team prevailed 57-56 over Butler in the most exciting college football game I have ever watched. The homecoming victory was magical, featuring the highest scoring game in the history of the Georgetown program and four broken records. And sadly enough, it was a game most students failed to attend.

For the past two seasons the crowd in the bleachers has been relatively sparse at Kehoe Field. Not because of the quality of the teams on the field (in ’99 the Hoyas finished 9-2 and last year finished just under .500 at 5-6 while playing their toughest schedule in years), but rather because of what appears to be simple disinterest by the student body. And this truly baffles me.

In my opinion college football is a huge part of the college experience and students are missing out on a very exciting time in the world of Hoya athletics if they don’t attend Georgetown football games this season.

The Georgetown football team will usher in a new era for the program Saturday, moving up from the virtually nationally unrecognized Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference to join the much-noted Patriot League. With the move comes a much greater challenge to the team as the Hoyas will face much stiffer competition.

The first such instance of this competition arrives on campus this Saturday as Lehigh brings their Division I-AA, No. 11-ranked program to Georgetown.

I suppose I could make some appeal to you about how “the team needs us,” or something like that, but I won’t. Instead I’ll give you another example from my time spent with Hoya Sports.

Last spring I was asked if I wanted to attend the Georgetown women’s lacrosse team’s game in the Final Four at Johns Hopkins. My interest and knowledge of lacrosse were very limited indeed, almost on a level with my knowledge of cooking. I knew there were sticks, I knew there were balls. That was about it.

What I found at the game was excitement beyond my wildest expectations. In the semi-finals the Hoyas rallied to claim the victory over Loyola and then in the championship came within inches of a national championship – the would-be game-winning shot glancing off the crossbar. The feeling from the stands was tremendous. I found myself, someone who had never followed the game of lacrosse more or less enjoyed it, having the best time I’d had all semester. To this day I count that championship game as the best athletic competition, collegiate or otherwise, I have ever attended.

What’s more, there have been tons of games from all sports that have generated this feeling of immense excitement. My freshman year, a weekday basketball game against Louisville yielded another last minute comeback for Georgetown and also the first court rushing incident in the history of MCI Center.

I can’t say that everyone should go to the football games because Georgetown will be a good team, or an entertaining team to watch. The team will have to prove its talent to the students through its own performance on the field.

What I can promise is that if you don’t give the team the chance, and don’t go to the games, then you, like those who chose to remain in the parking lot Sept. 23, may just be missing one of the most exciting experiences of the year.

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