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George Bush, Flip-Flopper

Friday, October 1, 2004 George Bush, Flip-Flopper

To the Editor:

I think it is time we set the record straight. The one phrase that most Americans will remember from the 2004 election will be “flip-flop.” Thanks to the relentless attacks from the Bush campaign, John Kerry is the candidate to which most people associate this slogan.

Unlike President Bush, who has himself declared that he “doesn’t do nuance,” John Kerry has the ability to consider a situation and its particular circumstances in order to come to a position. When he sees that things have changed, he is not afraid to compensate.

However, it’s important to remember that Bush himself has had some major reversals in his four years in office that have nothing to do with changing conditions.

Bush has switched his stance on allowing states to regulate same-sex marriage, and now supports an amendment to the constitution legalizing discrimination.

He has abandoned his original position on the benefits of a Department of Homeland Security.

He gave up on his staunch opposition to the creation of the 9/11 Commission, and then on his willingness to participate in the proceedings of this body.

Bush switched sides on his view of free trade by placing a tariff on steel.

But perhaps the most disturbing of all Bush’s flip-flops are the ones in Iraq. One day he claims his “mission accomplished,” then he tells us that the war will never be won. Now he assures us that the situation is improving everyday. While Bush pledged in the weeks after Sept. 11 to find Osama Bin Laden, he now claims that he is not concerned by this leader in terrorism.

While Kerry’s positions on certain issues have evolved over time as new information and situations arose, Bush has proved that his administration is more concerned with covering its tracks than doing what is right.

Jessica Stone (COL ’08)

Sept. 29, 2004

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