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Gormley: Noon Games Don’t Fly With This Hoya Fan

Noon Games Don’t Fly With This Hoya Fan

By Sean Gormley Athletic Supporter

I am not a difficult person to please. Hot cocoa and a movie, a juicy steak, snow days and, of course, the Hoyas winning a basketball game here and there is all I need.

That’s why Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day for me, as Georgetown pulled away from a decent Rutgers squad in the second half to earn their third Big East victory. Too bad I was still snuggled in my bed with visions of well-played basketball dancing in my head – I guess that happens when a university schedules Saturdaygames at noon, a time when college students are chomping at the bit to sit on a yellow bus for a half-hour trip to get downtown to the Big-ass Phone Booth.

I planned to go to the game and even had someone saving good seats for me, but in a very tired state late on Friday night, I set my alarm for 11 p.m., which wasn’t going to help me get up for the noon game. By the time one of my roommates had woken me up, it was just about 2 p.m., just in time to catch the last minute of the game.

If we had played like we did against West Virginia, I would not have been too disturbed. However, Georgetown put forth one of their better efforts on the season. In a very un-Hoya-like turn of events, the team actually played like a team and closed out the Scarlet Knights in crunch time.

Sophomore Kevin Braswell, the heart and technical foul-prone soul of the team, dished out nine assists to get the offense going despite having an off-day himself. Redshirt-sophomore Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje racked up another double-double and took advantage of the significantly shorter and meeker Knights who were guarding him. And of course, my favorite extremely skinny but offensively gifted big man, junior transfer Lee Scruggs, poured in 10 points after a slow start. (I am familiar with a pizza and beef-based diet that might help him load on some pounds onto his frame).

Last, but certainly not least, junior Anthony Perry, everyone’s favorite shooting guard who doesn’t shoot, actually remembered how to score. It had been a while since Perry scored 16 points in a game of any significance, and games like that are needed from him if the Hoyas are to ever beat a good basketball team again.

One of those aforementioned good teams will be taking on the Hoyas tonight at MCI Center, the Louisville Cardinals. The game is set for 7:30 p.m., but it will be the second-consecutive home game that I have missed despite having season tickets and bleeding Hoya blue, or whatever it is we bleed for school spirit.

This time I won’t be sleeping through the game, but will be sitting on the first floor of ICC, learning about some economic theory that I not only probably already know but also is absolutely useless to me in the grand scheme of things. Last year I would not have thought twice about skipping class to go to a basketball game, but in my old age and the lost innocence that comes from no longer being a freshman, I have become too cynical to lay it all on the line for this team.

I will never stop rooting for Georgetown, but this year’s team is just too inconsistent and heart-attack inducing for me to live and die by. Only two months ago I may have felt differently, but this team has shown the inability to do anything consistently.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I am greatly disappointed by the play of the Hoya hoopsters. The inability of the freshmen to blend in with all five returning starters has me depressed and thinking about a transferring to Cincinnati or, God forbid, Syracuse.

But then I think about all the potential that this basketball team possesses and realize that I am nowhere near ready to give up on this team. Maybe I have spent too much time following the team, but February is a long month, and things can turn around quickly.

Maybe I will make it downtown to the phone booth tonight – I’ve already had two economics classes canceled due to snow, so what’s missing one more going to do?

Louisville better watch out, because Georgetown is ready to break out and start winning some games – and they better if I skip class to watch them. But if they don’t win, anyone who knows the Brooklyn Dodgers is familiar with this saying.

“Wait ’til next year.”

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