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GU Students Support Bradley

Group Travels to New Hampshire to Aid Campaign

By Tim Sullivan Hoya Staff Writer

As the critical New Hampshire Primary approaches, 23 Georgetown students travelled this weekend to campaign for Democatic Presidential hopeful Bill Bradley.

The students primarily concentrated their efforts on canvassing, or going door-to-door, on behalf of Bradley, the former Senator from New Jersey. According to Peter Denton (COL ’03), who coordinated the trip on the Georgetown campus, the students received mostly a warm reception from the people to whom they spoke.

“It depends on the neighborhood. Most people in New Hampshire seem to understand how important this primary is and take their responsibility seriously,” Denton said.

The group left early Friday night and arrived in Nashua, N.H., the next morning, where they immediately began working. They were presented with names, addresses and issues of concern for nearly 200,000 Democratic and Independent voters, an achievement which impressed Denton, who had previously traveled to the region in late November to work on the campaign with the same group.

Although the students did not get a chance to meet with Bradley as they did in November, the campaigners felt that this trip was more beneficial to the campaign.

“I thought that this time, it was better because we did more canvassing . and a lot more active things for the campaign,” said Gilbert Cruz (COL ’03), who went on both trips.

Cruz said that the group felt satisfied that they had helped Bradley. “I think we definitely helped,” said Cruz. “In the time from when we got there to when we left on Sunday morning, Bradley had gone up in the polls,” pulling Bradley into a statistical dead heat with Vice President Al Gore.

Denton stressed the importance of the New Hampshire primary to Bradley’s success. “Because the primary season isn’t a race, it’s a chess match; If Bradley can win in New Hampshire, it sets him off on a good foot for the rest of the campaign,” Denton said.

The group, Hoyas For Bradley, is coordinated on campus by Jason cGrath (SFS ’02), who was in New Hampshire all week working for the campaign and could not coordinate this trip. It has approximately 30 members and will continue to work for Bradley for the duration of his campaign. Next, the group is organizing a trip to the University of Maryland’s campus on Friday morning to attend a Bradley rally at the Stamp Student Union.

The students were part of a group of approximately 150 people from the Washington, D.C., area who made the trip to New Hampshire, site of the nation’s first presidential primary. Students from George Washington University, American University, Catholic University and Marymount College also comprised the group, along with several adults and high school students.

The New Hampshire primary is the nation’s first for the selection of the major party candidates and is being held today. Victory there is considered crucial to any candidate who wants to make a serious bid for the presidency. Independents, such as Bradley and Arizona Senator John McCain, traditionally fare well in this early campaign stop.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Jenny Cosco (COL ’03). “It was really interesting to be right in the middle of things. It was definitely an experience I am going to remember for the rest of my life.”

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