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GUSA: Dining Hall Reforms Necessary

After persistent concerns from the student body, GUSA is proposing a series of changes to improve dining hall options on campus.

The proposed changes call for healthier dining options for students, permission for students to enter the dining halls twice during the same meal period, the ability for students to take a Grab-n-Go meal after eating a meal in the dining hall and allowing students on a block meal plan to use Grab-n-Go.

Having healthier food available was cited as the greatest student concern in two surveys run on the Web site. Andy Asensio (COL ’06), the student association’s communications director, said that 600 to 700 students participated in the online surveys.

Asensio said that within the next few months GUSA will try to reach out to the student body to put together a comprehensive list of suggestions for healthier food to present to Marriott – the company that provides food services to the university dining halls.

Asensio said that there are still tensions between Marriott and students, but that Auxiliary Services has been a helpful go-between in getting new dining services implemented.

GUSA plans to post public comment Web forms on their Web site,, asking for student opinions and comments. GUSA is also looking to pass out surveys or comment cards in the dining halls within the next few weeks to collect student opinions.

Asensio said GUSA is likely to start a committee to meet with the student services advocacy committee and Auxiliary Services on campus to discuss the issue further.

Grab-n-Go started in Sept. 2004, but remains unavailable to students on block meal plans. Asensio said he was “almost certain” that the problem, which he said was mainly technical, would be resolved by Fall 2005.

Eamonn Carr (COL ’06), the chair of the GUSA student services advocacy committee, was one of the people who worked to get Grab-n-Go implemented for Fall 2004. He is now working with argie Bryant, university vice president for auxiliary services, to get healthier Grab-n-Go options and also to allow students to take a Grab-n-Go after eating a meal in the dining hall.

Pierce Nixon (COL ’08), a freshman assembly representative, is heading the effort to allow students to use more than one meal during a given meal period. He said that the proposed plans will actually simplify the current dining process because one meal will be used each time a student enters the dining hall, regardless of the meal time period. Under this system, a student could enter the dining hall at 5 p.m. and then again at 7:30 p.m. Currently, students are only allowed to enter the dining hall once every meal period.

Nixon says that the current system is not considerate of students’ fluctuating and hectic schedules.

“Many students would be better served by a policy that allows students to re-enter the dining hall more than once in a given meal time, take Grab-n-Go meals after eating in the dining hall and have their meals charged accordingly,” Nixon said

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