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Kerry a Clear Choice Over ‘Idiot’ Bush

Friday, October 1, 2004 Kerry a Clear Choice Over “Idiot” Bush

To the Editor:

In Friday’s viewpoint “Bush is a Dummy, So What?” (The Hoya, Sept. 24, 2004, A3), Michael Kroop states that our current president is “an idiot.”

I am in no place to critique this idea. In fact, I more or less agree with it. He goes on to say that Bush’s lack of intelligence is truly meaningless and we should vote for him nevertheless.

But, as Kroop points out, there are major flaws in Bush and in the Republican Party. They have gone on a “censorship crusade” and they tend to “blend politics with religion.” Kroop, however, disregards these massive affronts to our nation and the Constitution, and decides, what the hell, the American political system is a mess anyway.

Senator John Kerry, on the other hand, is not stupid. Kerry does not need to surround himself with people from daddy’s administration. He can think for himself.

Perhaps he will be able to give Iraq real sovereignty, real peace and its own legitimacy. Kroop states that Iraqis hate us, and most Americans don’t care.

Not only are these wild and irrational generalizations, they bespeak the Republican Party – out of touch and out of tune with the real America.

Lastly, Kroop wonders, “What are Kerry’s views? You can’t even ask Kerry to get an answer.”

Clearly, Kroop asks his questions poorly, or is too lazy to really find out the answers, thus making it easy for him to spout his ridiculous assertions. He might want to check out Kerry’s Web site or read the Kerry-Edwards Plan for America.

John Kerry stands up for those in this country who are uncomfortable with the strict rightist Christian principles (which Kroop mentioned) that currently rule our country. Kroop may like it, but as a non-Christian, I do not.

Bush seems to have confused “Oval Office” with “church,” but then, I don’t blame him.

After all, he is “an idiot.”

Evan Caplan (SFS ’07)

Sept. 28, 2004

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