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Man on Prospected Street Attacked With Shovel

By Jean Weinberg Hoya Staff Writer

A young man was assaulted with a shovel on the sidewalk in front of 3273 Prospect St. at 1:45 a.m. this past Sunday, according to Lt. Patrick Burke of Metro Police. The suspects, whom the police report describes as five Hispanic males in their early 20s, have yet to be apprehended. The victim was reportedly not a student at Georgetown University, though police declined to confirm that status.

The assault victim was walking home from Rhino’s Bar & Pumphouse, located on M Street, arguing with his girlfriend, a Georgetown student, when the assault took place, said Burke. Burke would not disclose the names of the couple in light of the fact the girl might still be a witness in a criminal case.

According to the Metro report, the girlfriend claims that one of the suspects told her boyfriend to leave her alone, said Burke. Burke also said that one of the suspects grabbed a shovel that was lying on the sidewalk, which was probably put out as garbage, and hit the girl’s boyfriend on the head.

The boyfriend was admitted for observation at the Georgetown University Medical Center and his condition, according to Burke, was “not life-threatening.” Officials at the Med Center could not be reached for comment.

The girlfriend tried to intervene. As she attempted to do so, her hand was broken by a shovel-wielding suspect. After the assault, the suspects fled the scene, said Burke.

The suspect who initially grabbed the shovel, and is cited as the main attacker, is described as a 5’6″ male with a slim build, who was wearing a long sleeve red shirt with a blue stripe down the sleeve and a pair of tan khakis.

Burke said he thought that the suspects “probably jumped into a car” because by the time the officers arrived on the scene that night nobody had seen the suspects in the area.

Burke said a couple of witnesses saw the incident, one of them from Georgetown University. None of the witnesses who have come forward so far saw the suspects leaving the scene, however, said Burke.

Tony Defoe (MSB ’00) walked by soon after the fight happened and said he saw a few police officers on the scene and that the police closed off the sidewalk near Eton Court where the attack occurred. He said he saw the victim being taken away by an ambulance and that his hand was “completely twitching.”

Defoe said that after the victim was taken away, the police asked everyone to leave the scene except for those who had actually seen the incident.

At press time, Chief William Tucker of the Department of Public Safety had no information about the incident and said it had not been reported to DPS.

Burke said Metro Police has increased the number of officers in the area and will try to find more witnesses.

If anyone has any information concerning the incident, they are encouraged to contact Metro Police through their public information number, 727-4383.

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