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OBITUARY Stephen Cangialosi (CAS ’83)

Courtesy Karen Cangialosi Cangialosi (CAS’83)

A family that sent four of its family members through Georgetown lost one of its own Sept. 11 when Stephen Cangialosi (CAS ’83) died in the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

Cangialosi’s brother Thomas (CAS ’79), his sister Elizabeth Dickey (CAS ’79) and his father, also named Thomas (MED ’59), all attended Georgetown.

Stephen’s wife, Karen Cangialosi, said her husband cherished his time at the university. “He just loved the school. His happiest memories are from his friends and his times at Georgetown.” The couple met shortly after his graduation at a New Jersey beach where Stephen worked as a lifeguard, she said.

After working on Wall Street for 15 years, Cangialosi’s company was bought by the Cantor Fitzgerald investment firm and he moved to the World Trade Center one year ago. He was a municipal bond broker for the firm, which occupied the 101st through 105th floors of the South Tower.

After hearing about the attack, Karen said she had no reason to believe her husband was still in the building. “He was in excellent shape and . the building didn’t collapse until an hour and a half after the attack,” she said.

Stephen’s sons Jeffrey, 10, and Peter, 7, are “very aware” of what happened,” she said. “They are “coping amazingly.”

At a memorial service held for Cangialosi at St. Catherine’s Church in Middletown on Sept. 24, Jeffrey told mourners his father was his hero. “Steve was such a great father. He loved his kids and that’s the saddest part of all,” Karen said.

Andy Stearns (CAS ’83) met Stephen when they were both freshmen living in Harbin Hall.

They took many classes together and kept in touch after graduation. Stearns and other Georgetown friends of Cangialosi plan to fund a study room in Cangialosi’s name in one of the future residence halls of the Southwest Quadrangle.

Cangialosi was also a graduate of Christian Brothers’ Academy in Lincroft, N.J., where a memorial service for him was held on Sept. 23.

According to CBA President Brother Andrew O’Gara, FSC, the service, called a “celebration of life,” ran far over its scheduled three hours because so many people attended the ceremony and wanted to speak on Cangialosi’s behalf.

O’Gara said teachers who knew Cangialosi described him as a “softspoken, quiet fellow,” and that he was very active in intramural sports while at CBA.

“[Cangialosi’s friends] wanted to pay tribute to their friend and their friendship which started in the dorms at Georgetown,” Mary Prahinski (CAS ’85), Director of Development for Special Projects said.

Those wishing to contribute in Cangialosi’s memory should contact Prahinski at the Georgetown Office of Alumni and University Relations, P.O. Box 571253, Washington, D.C., 20057.

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