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Georgetown Student Group Heading South of the Border

A group of 10 Georgetown students will be traveling to the US – exico border to participate in a Border Awareness Experience.

The group will descend on the Mexican border to study the relationship between the United States and Mexico in terms of economics and immigration. According to a press release, the group seeks to expand on their experience in international affairs through real life experience.

The travelers are scheduled to visit a squatter community, a political asylum, a maquiladora, the Border Patrol and volunteer in a safehouse for women.

To raise money for the trip, the group is asking students to donate one of their meals in the New South cafeteria. Marriot will give the students the cost of one meal to help defray their costs. Students can sign up in New South this week.

– Tim Sullivan

University Law Center Faculty Unites for New Publication

Colleagues of each of the 99 full-time faculty members at the Georgetown University Law center have written essays about each faculty member. The booklet has been published by the university in order to demonstrate the faculty’s extensive range of scholarly expertise.

The publication, entitled, “A Community of Scholars,” was described by Law Center Dean Judith Areen as “a testament to the full breadth and diversity that our faculty bring to the national legal landscape … Although it is only a snapshot in time, the book speaks to the Law Center’s place in history and to our vision for the future.”

More than 25 constitutional scholars, 15 clinical educators, 12 criminal law and procedure experts and 12 torts professors are profiled in the publication.

Many of the faculty members have held high positions in national government, written important casebooks in their particular field, litigated precedent-setting cases and counseled heads of government around the world.

The group also includes two Catholic priests, art and cooking connoisseurs, a Tae Kwon Do brown belt, a ham radio operator as well as several novelists. Additionally, there are three married couples among the full-time faculty.

-Tracy Zupancis

GUSA Election Update

One Ticket Leaves Race; Three Write-Ins Join

Less than four days after being placed on the official ballot for the GUSA executive elections, former-presidential candidate Owen Halloran (MSB ’01) and running mate Adam Thompson (COL ’01) have announced that they are dropping out of the race.

According to Halloran, the two were running because of a lack of unity within the university community. “We wanted to try to change that and to bring everybody together,” he said.

However, since the organizational campaign officially began, Thompson said that representatives from other tickets had contacted their staff members to try to lure them away. During the campaigns, he said that some of the other candidates and their staffs regularly bad-mouth opposing tickets in an attempt to improve their own positions. Halloran alluded to a letter to the editor of The Hoya by former GUSA presidential hopeful Rip Andrews (COL ’00) that criticized the current election procedure.

As a result, the two decided that they “could make a greater impact doing what we’re already doing.” Halloran is a resident assistant in New South and Thompson was recently elected vice president of The Corp.

“There are a lot of students that are really looking to get involved and GUSA should be looking to the 6,000 student-leaders on campus for their help,” Halloran said. “It really shouldn’t be such a closed-organization.”

Though the number of tickets on the official ballot has reduced to six following the withdrawal of Halloran and Thompson, the number of write-in campaigns has increased to three since the official ballot was posted Monday at noon.

Tawan Davis (COL ’01) and Jacques Arsenault (COL ’01) have announced that they are officially campaigning for president and vice president, respectively. According to Davis, their campaign is trying to “think outside the box and approach things in a new way. Our [write-in] candidacy symbolizes that approach.” Arsenault is a junior class representative in GUSA.

Also, Election Commissioner Kerri Tyman (COL ’00) said that two other students, Mark Cerminaro (COL ’01) and Paul Mufarrij (COL ’01), have approached her in regards to a write-in campaign. Cerminaro confirmed his candidacy, though he said that he is still finalizing plans.

Mufarrij could not immediately be reached for comment.

With the addition of three write-in campaigns, the total number of slates vying for the presidency would increase to nine. With a repeat of last year’s 38.5 percent voter turnout, a ticket could technically win the election with the support of 4.3 percent of the undergraduate student body if a run-off election were not to be implemented.

– Dave Heaton

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