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The Hoya

Residents Take Part in Celebration More Than 20 Years in the Making

As the sun began to set Sunday evening, only minutes after Georgetown defeated the University of North Carolina to advance to the Final Four, Thomas Gerber heard cheers and chants streaming through the window of his 35th Street townhouse.

But rather than slam the door on the horde of Georgetown students, he decided to get up and join the triumphant celebration.

“My wife and I ran up there where everyone else was congregating,” he said. “We went with all of our neighbors, old and young. It was fun.”

Gerber’s reaction mirrored those of other local residents, as more than just Georgetown’s students were drawn into the Hoya basketball frenzy that the campus and community hope will continue this weekend.

“This excitement is shared widely in the Georgetown-Burleith community, among students and long-term residents alike,” said Ron Lewis, a commissioner for the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission. “We cheered the big win, and we appreciated the after-game celebration, which was both joyful and respectful of the community in which we all live.”

Bill Starrels, another commissioner, echoed the positive reaction.

“All in Georgetown were happy to see the Hoyas win, and all were happy that the students’ celebration was peaceful,” he said.

But the Hoya paranoia stemming from Georgetown’s entry in the Final Four is spanning the nation. Mike, Daniel and Greg Schwartz, three brothers visiting Georgetown from Colorado, though not even graduated from middle school, were among the students and locals on Wednesday shopping for Final Four gear at the Georgetown University Bookstore.

The Schwartzes and their mother had plans to visit Georgetown for their spring break vacation before the Hoyas entered into the Final Four, and said they were thrilled to be in town during the excitement.

“We’re big fans of the Hoyas,” Mike Schwartz, the eldest, said. “We watched the whole game at home before we came here.”

Though only in eighth grade, Mike Schwartz, with a Georgetown jersey in his hand, said he hopes to be a student at Georgetown one day – a sentiment that his brothers both share.

“We wanted to see the campus, because I know I’m only in middle school, but this is where I want to go for college,” he said.

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