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Shot of Charity Raises Almost $2,400

The Corp would probably argue with those who believe pocket change is worthless.

Through 25-cent donations from customers, The Shot of Charity program raised nearly $2,400 total for two charities over its first four months.

“It’s the perfect mix of corporate social responsibility intersecting with customer social responsibility,” said Elias Schulze (SFS ’07, GRD ’08), one of the three founders of Shot of Charity. After the initial success this summer of the pilot program in the Leavey Center’s Uncommon Grounds and the Intercultural Center’s More Uncommon Grounds, Shot of Charity was expanded to Midnight Mug in Lauinger Library.

Corp Chief Financial Officer Jillian Perlow (COL ’08) said Shot of Charity raised $138.75 for The Good Shepard, an after-school educational program for children from low-income families in the District’s Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights, in July and August almost $2,200 for the Artists for Charity Children’s Home, a home for HIV-positive orphans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in September and October. In total, this amounts to 8,804 “shots of charity.”

One day a week at each location, baristas ask each customer whether he or she would like to make a 25-cent donation, but patrons can request to donate on any day.

“The program has grown beyond the expectations we had originally set, which is really great. Although we feature the `shot of charity’ once a week, every day there are customers interested in adding one, two, three or even four `shots’ to their order,” Perlow said.

Marc Janoff (GRD ’08), another founder, said 50 to 60 percent of customers order a Shot of Charity with their drinks, with up to 80 percent participating on some days. “The feedback about the program has been really good, both on the employee side and the customer side as well,” he said.

Janoff said the program has attracted attention from outside organizations. “We have.been contacted by various charities that want to be sponsored for the next two-month period.”

The program alternates between sponsoring charities in D.C. and in foreign, coffee-growing countries. Beginning last week and continuing through the end of December, the program will benefit House of Ruth, a District of Columbia organization that works with women and children affected by domestic abuse.

Schulze said he hopes the program will become a long-term endeavor. “Our goal is for Shot of Charity to become a Georgetown tradition. Georgetown students are aware of what’s important in the world and like to be a part of the action,” he said.

Schulze said that the founders are in the preliminary stages of possibly explanding the program, such as its length. He said that eventually expanding the to other locations would “provide the greatest scale for impact and greatest good for the profile of partnering shops.”

*The article “Corp’s Shot of Charity Raises Nearly $2,000” (THE HOYA, Nov. 9 2007, A1) said that the Shot of Charity program raised almost $2,000 since it began earlier this year. The program’s founders have since modified this number, which they said is closer to $2,400.

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