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Tennis Team Triples Size in One Year

When Dave Sommers (COL ’05) started a tennis club in the last spring, four men and 15 women joined. This year the club has more than tripled to 38 women and 32 men.

While the club has expanded greatly, incoming president Jon Nguyen-Phuong (COL ’07) said that he would prefer to have a smaller team. “It is better to have a small core group than to have a large mismanaged group of players, most of whom are not serious,” he said.

The tennis team practices twice a week, usually on the indoor courts of Yates. They try to reserve all five indoor courts, but sometimes players’ schedules conflict. Sommers and Nguyen-Phuong were both unhappy with the problem in getting court space.

“Court space is a huge issue, not only for booking indoor courts but also outdoor courts, as we vie with the varsity teams,” Sommers said.

Nguyen-Phuong is working with the Yates management to get more court space and preference over Yates members.

In spring, the team usually plays every week. In order to become better known in the club tennis circuit, the team has been publicizing themselves and getting the word out by playing a variety of teams, according to Nguyen-Phuong.

The club currently does not belong to any conference or league. They travel to other universities on invitations and similarly invite universities for home games. The tennis team plays against universities on the East Coast including Lehigh, Johns Hopkins, Villanova, Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth.

Sommers said that he was very happy with the improvement the team has shown as the season has progressed. “The team is doing a lot better on all levels, both organizational- and performance-wise,” he said.

“These people have shown a great commitment to the club and have been a great success,” Sommers said. “Our top players are amazing. They play up to four matches a week and their enthusiasm is infectious.”

Each member of the tennis team pays $50 dues each while SAC gives them $100, a paltry amount compared to other club teams.

“When compared to what other schools, for example UVa. get, we get nothing really. It would be nice if SAC gives us more money,” Nguyen-Phuong said.

The team next takes on James Madison on the weekend after Easter break.

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