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Vote for the Ticket of Vision and Dedication

\”Because results count.”

I could not agree more with this statement of the accomplishments of Calen Angert and Jason Kluger as they seek re-election to the Georgetown University Student Association presidency and vice presidency.

If you asked me about Angert and Kluger a year ago, I probably would have said something to this effect: “Oh, those two sophomores from the B-School? They probably are just looking for positions. What are they going to do for GUSA, let alone Georgetown?”

y beliefs could not have been any further from the truth. My personal experience working with Angert and Kluger over the past eight months has confirmed that fact.

Angert and Kluger are two students who truly care about the greater Georgetown community. Through their leadership of GUSA, they have brought an energy and dynamism to our student government previously unseen in my four years at Georgetown. They have identified the true purpose of GUSA. This is neither for programming nor to participate in pointless debates. The true purpose of GUSA, in my humble opinion, is to powerfully advocate on behalf of the undergraduate student population.

y first encounter with Angert and Kluger came this summer. As a co-coordinator of the Georgetown Office of Leadership Development, I was preparing for a pre-orientation program for incoming freshmen. I found out earlier that spring that I would be rooming with Calen and Jason. While initially concerned, I found this to be one of my most memorable and enjoyable living arrangements.

Although busy throughout the day with our respective work, every night we convened in the living room of our Village A to recap our days. What initially started as discussions on daily qualms quickly transformed into deep conversations about life as Georgetown students. I cherished this nightly ritual, as it gave me a window into the minds of two of the most engaged students. We would endlessly debate over significant campus issues such as student safety, diversity issues and Philly Pizza (RIP). What amazed me were their unique perspectives on each of these challenges that faced our university’s community. My respect for them only grew as these discussions took form in different fora: diversity working groups, campus security initiatives and leadership development programs.

Through these discussions, Angert and Kluger each clearly articulated their shared vision for a better Georgetown. And throughout the summer into the coming year, they worked tirelessly to translate their shared vision into action. They not only maintained, but expanded, the Summer Fellows Program – which provides funds for on-campus housing to assist students looking to continue pursuing their interests through summer internships they otherwise would have been unable to manage. Not only were they present at a number of the diversity working groups, but also they directly participated in them with a critical awareness of the underlying problems. They not only were conscious of the student life issues at Georgetown, but they organized and implemented a pivotal omnibus student life survey.

Yet they did not stop with their efforts this summer. In the spirit of the deep conversations we had in our Village A living room, they proceeded to take the next step in enacting their vision. They quickly and efficiently organized GUSA’s executive leadership to continue their strong advocacy on behalf of the Georgetown community. They responded to the omnibus survey prudently, bringing about more Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle bus runs on the weekends and reinstating the Collegiate Readership Program. Recognizing the harsh economic climate, they worked to hold Georgetown’s career services more accountable with increased student input and a groundbreaking LSAT familiarization course.

At the end of the day, results do count. In my mind, the operative question is, How did Angert and Kluger achieve these results?

In short, it is the dynamic partnership these two esteemed students have achieved. On the one hand, you have Calen Angert – a bold, driven and compassionate leader who does not hesitate to challenge conventional thinking to take on the most pressing issues. On the other hand, you have Jason Kluger – a reserved, yet brilliant and decisive leader whose acute perceptiveness enables him to go straight to the heart of each matter. These two individuals have combined into an ever-powerful force that is able to achieve results for our community. All of my personal experiences support this belief.

All of the GUSA candidates are highly qualified to serve us. Calen Angert and Jason Kluger, however, present the best option for students to see their concerns advocated for and resolved. They have a vision that speaks to all of our interests, and this Tuesday, I truly hope you will join me in expressing your support for Calen Angert and Jason Kluger.

Jasdeep Singh is a senior in the School of Foreign Service.”

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