Just because you’re not leaving the city this summer doesn’t mean your palate can’t travel the world. Let your taste buds go on an adventure at these eateries:

Vietnamese Pho 75 in Arlington serves up the soup from which it takes its name, made with delicious beef broth, rice noodles and sprouts. Grab some on a rainy day and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported across the Pacific.

Italian If you have some cash to splurge, a trip to Georgetown’s Filomena is a delicious way to fake a quick journey to southern Italy. With fresh pasta and rich sauces, mangiamo is the only Italian you’ll need to know.

Latin Dupont Circle’s Panas Empanadas serves “Latin fusion” empanadas for a much better price than a trip south of the border. With fillings that include roasted jalapenos, Spanish peppers and shredded coconut and an array of dripping sauces to try, these empanadas are a spicy treat to break up long summer days.

Ethiopian Etete is a U Street gem that offers some of the best Ethiopian food in the District. Delicious red lentils, lamb stews and their unique blends of spices will take you out of your comfort zone on a journey your taste buds will never forget.

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