To The Editor:

Re: “Moral Neutrality’s Threat to Free Speech,” The Hoya, Sept. 30, A3

The recent issue of free speech for H*yas for Choice is not an anomalous occurrence. From the Student Activities Fair to guest speaker events, I have read about this group constantly in a fight for their right to demonstrate throughout my time at Georgetown. When I was an undergraduate at Georgetown, I was also a member of an unrecognized student group, and I have always sympathized with the struggle to efficiently gather on campus.
While I believe that H*yas for Choice has a right to gather on campus, I find its obstacles with free speech to be representative of a fundamental issue of the group’s message. Perhaps this group should consider the rights of the 1.21 million unborn children who are aborted every year in the United States. The act of abortion, which this group strongly supports, deprives these children of all their basic rights, including free speech.
By the group’s aggressive stance on abortion, they are, by definition, advocating for the revocation of basic rights they themselves believe they are entitled to. People like Cardinal Wuerl and myself believe that if these children were given the voice they deserve, they would choose a different fate for themselves than they are so unfortunately destined to. I am happy that the situation was rectified by the campus police, I just wish all Americans were as fortunate as H*yas for Choice to be able to fight for their basic rights.

Joe Wiedemer
COL ’14, GRD ’16

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