On Feb.1, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, representing the Georgetown, Burleith and Hillandale neighborhoods, unanimously passed a resolution that recommends the renewal of the District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board’s moratorium for Georgetown, yet increased the maximum number of liquor licenses permitted in the area by two.

According to the ANC2E, there are currently 15 active, transferable liquor licenses in the Georgetown Moratorium Zone and that the addition of two more would accommodate economic expansion in the area without disrupting the peace.

The ABC’s moratorium on the issuance of new liquor licenses in Georgetown will expire in April. The moratorium, which requires a renewal every five years, covers the area within an 1,800-foot radius of the intersection at Wisconsin Avenue and N Street, according to ANC Commissioner Tom Birch.

Birch said that the original intent of the moratorium was to attract business to the area.

“[The moratorium exists to] ensure a balance of commercial establishments best serving the interests of residents, visitors and the business community, particularly in a historic district whose character is a magnet for tourists as well as a shopping destination for many,”┬áBirch said.

The moratorium exempts all hotels, regardless of establishment date, as well as businesses in the Georgetown Park, Georgetown Park II, Prospect Place Mall, Georgetown Court and Washington Harbor areas.

While the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board is not bound by this resolution, which was proposed by ANC 2E Vice Chairman Bill Starrels (SMD05), the commission’s recommendations are considered by D.C. agencies.

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