**Rodent Rage:** Two squirrels were found hanging from string outside a men’s dormitory at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a historically black college. Officials do not believe the prank was motivated by racism. *Thumbs Down*

**Rude Awakening:** A homeowner in northwest D.C. came home to find a burglar asleep on his bed. The sleepy daytime invader was arrested as he tried to escape. *Thumbs Down*

**Hot Rod:** An Australian man on his way to a job interview collected so much static electricity on his clothes that when he walked in to the building, the carpet caught on fire. The man was carrying a charge of 40,000 volts, close to the level that could cause spontaneous combustion. *Thumbs Down*

**Stable Condition:** The injuries sustained by the facilities workers and DPS officers in yesterday morning’s fire in New North were not life-threatening, and all are expected to make full recoveries. *Thumbs Up*

**Otherworldly:** A giant fireball lit up the night over five northern states in the Midwest as a meteorite entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded in the sky. Pieces of the meteorite hit the ground, igniting a few small fires. *Thumbs Down*”

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