Updated plans for Georgetown’s Intercollegiate Athletic Center will move forward after being approved by the Old Georgetown Board Oct. 4 and the Commission of Fine Arts Oct. 18.

The approvals came after the university adopted the April recommendations of both boards.

According to university spokeswoman Stacy Kerr, the plans have since undergone significant changes. The new facility’s athletic courts will be stacked to form a taller building, maintaining McDonough Arena’s southern facade.

In addition, a tower on the east side of the new building will mark the main entry and link Harbin Field, the IAC and McDonough.

OGB agreed to approve the most recent design submission Oct. 26, but recommended that the designers specify their stylistic intent.

This approval is just one of several steps remaining before the facility can be built. Kerr said that the university plans to continue working with the designs, which are only in the schematic phase, and must still have the final drawings approved.

“The details will be worked out as the project continues its natural course through design,” she wrote.

Kerr added that the next required clearance would be for the full building, but the university expects to return to the boards prior to seeking approval for the final design. The timeline for future such meetings is uncertain.

According to Kerr, the project will be funded entirely by donations, so work on the facility moves forward as funds trickle in. While the university has already raised $12 million, the total cost of the project is estimated at $60 million.

“Construction [will] not begin until we have the fundraising commitments secured,” Kerr wrote in an email.

Special to The Hoya Madison Ashley contributed to this report.

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