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Film Captures Education Inequality

Film Captures Education Inequality

After watching a 30-minute preview of the documentary Girl Rising, I was more moved than I had been by every movie that I had seen in 2012 combined. Directed by Richard Robbins, the film traces the lives of nine girls from underprivileged backgrounds and from a variety of countries, including Peru,[Read More…]

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States Trade Calzones For Endzones

For me, one of the worst parts about returning to Georgetown after spring break is the lack of good Italian food. I probably don’t even have one one-hundredth of a percent of Italian blood in me, but I really appreciate a good calzone. In response to my cravings for a pocket[Read More…]

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Romance Kills Potential In Historical Drama

Romance Kills Potential In Historical Drama

Following in the footsteps of films like Titanic and Pearl Harbor, the movie Emperor recreates true events with enough historical significance to compose a fascinating film. With fewer impressive visual effects than James Cameron’s triumph and more seasoned acting than Michael Bay’s attempt at depicting historical fiction, Emperor falls into the trap of fashioning[Read More…]

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Walking Through Jersey’s Hall of Fame

What do Bruce Springsteen and Jack the Bulldog have in common? They were both born in Freehold, New Jersey! In the unlikely case that anyone at all was wondering, Freehold is the vibrant neighbor to my much less happening hometown, which you might remember from my last column “Suburban Girl[Read More…]

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Suburban Girl Dispelling Urban Myths

After finding a disturbingly accurate description of myself under one of the entries for “Allie” on Urban Dictionary, I recently made it a habit to use the website to look up all of my friends’ names. When I just about ran out of people’s names to enter, I extended my[Read More…]

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Thanks for the Memories: The Real Jersey Shore

After spending a few weeks in my New Jersey hometown during winter break, I was finally able to visit what is left of Pier Beach in Spring Lake, a frequent summer destination of mine while growing up. About five days a week, a designated parent would usher a flock of[Read More…]

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Prequel’s Mastery of Special Effects Compromises Storytelling

4/5 Stars With far fewer hobbits and far more dwarves, the first of three prequels to the voyage throughout Middle-Earth is brought to the big screen in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Based on J.R.R.Tolkein’s 1937 novel, The Hobbit lacks much of what made the Lord of the Rings trilogy wonderful; that is, the special effects steal most[Read More…]

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Battle of the Sands: May the Best Coast Win

Last summer, I spent two weeks in Los Angeles visiting my cousin and a few of my friends from Georgetown. Besides the fact that the daily agendas of Angelenos revolve around the area’s absurd traffic situation and lack of public transport, I loved just about everything about Southern California. The weather was[Read More…]

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Dark Winter Drama Chills Audiences

3/5 stars The opening scene of Deadfall is utterly confusing to me. The shot is composed of a snowy landscape, yet when I hear the voice-over of Eric Bana’s character, I immediately wonder, “Is there that much snow in Australia?” Then, the slight Australian accent shifts to a Southern drawl, and I’m reassured that[Read More…]

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Follow-up Album Misses Mark

3/5 stars After doling out such hits as “Basket Case” and “American Idiot,” one might think that a rapid-fire trilogy of albums would be a great idea for the punk rock band that had every teenager of the past two decades belting out “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and swaying to[Read More…]

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