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CHRISTOVICH | NFL Should Simplify Catch Rule

CHRISTOVICH | NFL Should Simplify Catch Rule

The winds of change are coming to the NFL — and just about everyone is standing ready in the breeze with outstretched arms, ready to receive them. On Tuesday afternoon, reporter Judy Battista reported that, in an effort to potentially amend the confusing, failing catch rule, the Competition Committee[Read More…]

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CHRISTOVICH | MLB’s Frozen Free Agency Not Owners’ Fault

CHRISTOVICH | MLB’s Frozen Free Agency Not Owners’ Fault

The Northeast wasn’t the only thing to freeze over this winter. Pitchers and catchers officially reported for spring training this Wednesday amid a free agency scandal, fierce accusations of collusion and the most frigid offseason market in MLB history. While the rest of the sports world was enveloped in the[Read More…]

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CHRISTOVICH | Who Should Giants Fans Root for in the Super Bowl?

CHRISTOVICH | Who Should Giants Fans Root for in the Super Bowl?

NFL fans: It is time to choose a side. Hopping on the Super Bowl team bandwagon is a bittersweet process. NFL fans of all the teams who inevitably did not make the Super Bowl must carefully choose which of the two Super Bowl teams’ bandwagons to join. Sometimes, the choice[Read More…]

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CHRISTOVICH | 1 Missed Tackle Should Not Define Williams’ Legacy

CHRISTOVICH | 1 Missed Tackle Should Not Define Williams’ Legacy

If you know me, you know that I’m a New Orleans Saints fan, and if you have even the slightest idea of what happened last Sunday night in Minneapolis, then you will understand that I refuse to provide a comprehensive recap for the game that I will address in this[Read More…]

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CHRISTOVICH | MLB Must Capitalize On Little League To Encourage Young Fans

Looks like Aaron Judge has got some company. From Bryce Harpers’ 150th home run and Giancarlo Stanton’s dinger against ace Max Scherzer to Andrew McCutchen’s diving catch in center field, this week was packed with incredible highlights. Perhaps the greatest baseball highlight came not from the professional stage, however, but[Read More…]

CHRISTOVICH |Kershaw Plagues Dodgers With Disappointing Postseason Performances

If only Vin Scully had stayed one more year. Results of Monday’s trade deadline reinforced the already strong possibility that the Los Angeles Dodgers could finally make it to the World Series. The Dodgers snagged one of the most coveted players on the market, right-handed pitcher Yu Darvish, from the[Read More…]

CHRISTOVICH| Pitchers Dominate the MLB Trade

It is only right that the week leading up to the MLB trade deadline should coincide with Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.” This season’s trade scramble is shaping up to be one of the wildest events in recent years — but, this time, the blood in the water is seeping from[Read More…]

CHRISTOVICH|Injuries Plague Chicago, Cubs Epitomize World Series Hangover

Admit it: You are hooked. This season, Major League Baseball has provided fans with the most thrilling players, the strangest games and the most unpredictable outcomes. But despite all this excitement, there still exists one universally disappointing question this season: What in the world happened to the Chicago Cubs? The[Read More…]

CHRISTOVICH: Judge Can Bring Baseball Back

If you follow baseball in any capacity, you most likely wake up every morning to headlines sporting names like Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale. You often read about how rookie sluggers from the two coasts are reinvigorating baseball in a way that perhaps even “The Great[Read More…]

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CHRISTOVICH: Congressmen Play Baseball Thursday Despite Tragedy in Alexandria

I woke up this morning to the news that there had been a shooting in Alexandria, Va., a community less than 30 minutes away from my home in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. News outlets reported that the shooter had opened fire at an early morning practice for Thursday’s congressional baseball game,[Read More…]

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