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Mindfulness in Every Step on the Hilltop

On a well-constructed staircase, each step is precisely the same height. The idea is that your brain will remember how high you had to lift your foot to get up the first one. It takes a single split-second lesson to train your feet to climb an entire flight of stairs,[Read More…]

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Democrats, Others Find Ways to Cope

The patch on the back of his vest is small, but those behind him have zeroed in on it since the moment he stepped off the GUTS bus. “Oh my God, does he have to wear that today?” a woman whispers from under her cowboy hat and star-spangled scarf as[Read More…]

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Metz Discovers His Way Home in Leading GU Gay Community

Andreas Jeninga/The Hoya Patrick Metz (COL `04) reflects on his four years on the path next to Reiss. Metz has been active in supporting rights for gay Georgetown students. It may be the most abhorred building on campus, but it has a certain appeal for Patrick Metz (COL ’04). “Lauinger[Read More…]

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Hoya Court May Close Popular Taco Bell Stand

A taste of Mexico may soon require more travel than a trip to the Leavey Center for Georgetown students. The university is currently renegotiating its contract with Taco Bell, the sole brand-name vendor in Hoya Court amid a handful of arriott-run food services. “We’re trying to work through issues with[Read More…]

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Humanitarian Efforts Face New Obstacles

Aaron Terrazas/The Hoya U.N. Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Jan Egeland spoke on Wednesday in ICC Auditorium. Providing humanitarian assistance to war-torn countries is becoming increasingly difficult as the line between impartial aid and partisan political organizations is obscured, United Nations Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief[Read More…]

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OIP Will Charge Full Tuition

Students will soon have to pay full Georgetown tuition when studying abroad as a result of a new policy aimed at to boost revenue. Currently, the costs of studying abroad are based on the country and program a student selects, plus an administrative fee. The costs of many of the[Read More…]

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Classes Continue Despite Storm

Andreas Jeninga/The Hoya A thick layer of snow Sunday night persuaded even the most diehard cyclists to leave their bikes on the rack. Georgetown continued to dig out from Sunday night’s snowstorm yesterday but the university remained open with liberal leave in effect. On Monday students trudged through the four[Read More…]

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Turkey Program Cancelled

A travel warning from the State Department and the subsequent withdrawal of several participants led to the last-minute cancellation of this year’s study-abroad program at the cGhee Center, a Georgetown owned-and-operated villa on the editerranean coast of Turkey. The State Department issued an official travel warning after terrorist attacks on[Read More…]

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Alum, NBA Star Mourning Retires With Kidney Illness

Following a three-year kidney illness, Alonzo Mourning (CAS ’92) ended his professional basketball career with an abrupt retirement Monday for medical reasons. His career began at Georgetown in 1988 and led to 12 years in the NBA and an Olympic gold medal. The New Jersey Nets center, diagnosed with focal[Read More…]

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Georgetown Suffers Loss at the Hands of Big East Rival Irish

Courtesy Notre Dame Observer A struggle for possession leaves junior forward Kaiser Chowdhry and junior defender Kevin Goldwaithe entangled during a 2-1 Notre Dame win. In a hard-fought overtime battle last Wednesday, the Georgetown men’s soccer team garnered its first Big East win of the season, overcoming Virginia Tech 2-1.[Read More…]

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