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CARNIVAL FILM AND TELEVISION | The film  lovingly touches upon each character's story line from the show and gives them a proper sendoff in this film adaptation.

‘Downton Abbey’ Provides Refreshing Update to Beloved Series

★★★★☆ “Downton Abbey,” the first full-length film featuring the iconic Crawley family of the beloved PBS television series, fares better when considered an extended epilogue to the cult-favorite show than a stand-alone film. While newcomers to the world of the Crawleys will likely find the movie enjoyable, if not a[Read More…]

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University Yield Rate Falls Below 50% for Class of 2023

Georgetown University’s admissions yield rate for the Class of 2023 decreased slightly to 49.4% from last year’s 51% after the school’s admissions rate fell to the lowest in university history this year. The admissions yield rate refers to the proportion of individuals who have paid their May 1 enrollment deposit[Read More…]

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IMAX | New documentary "Apollo 11" provides viewers an unparalleled look into the famed space mission.

‘Apollo 11’ Grants Unparalleled but Flawed Look Into Historic Mission

★★★☆☆ From when the astronauts put on their suits to their landing in the sea, “Apollo 11” allows the audience to experience the awe of space travel in a series of breathtaking shots of the mission from the perspective of those who first explored the cosmos.   Directed by Todd[Read More…]

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