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With New Elite, GOP Underperforms

Answering phone calls in a Senate office can be tedious, but every so often you get a gem that makes everything worthwhile. The grand finale came this week, when a woman called to complain about President Obama’s taxes, identifying herself as a “tea-bagger.” When I heard that, all I could[Read More…]

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Pressure’s on Print Media

After reading last week’s editorial about the decline of the traditional newspaper (“A Dying Breed?,” The Hoya, March 20, 2009, A2), I realized that pursuing a career in journalism is about as practical as becoming a beeper salesman or buying AIG stock. The fact is print newspapers cannot keep up[Read More…]

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Changing of the Guard in Washington

The word “transition” brings to mind my favorite television show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” You know the story: In West Philadelphia, Will was born and raised, on the playground was where he spent most of his days. Before long – looking at his kingdom, he was finally there,[Read More…]

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No Way Out for Struggling Vets

Eashmon Baltimore smokes a cigarette in an alley behind the New York Avenue men’s homeless shelter. It is 5 p.m. and the line is beginning to form at the shelter’s back door – invisible to passing cars on the highway. Baltimore, an African-American man from Atlantic City, wears a bandanna[Read More…]

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Paying It Forward on Capitol Hill

Lawrence Mohammad and Denise Taylor hid from the cold and crowd under a blanket on the west lawn of the Capitol. They appeared insulated not only from the biting temperature, but also from the throng of about 1.5 million other spectators eager to catch a glimpse of history. A woman,[Read More…]

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Get Out of Jail Free, If the White House Says So

President Bush has been called a liar, a fear monger, a war monger, a puppet, a simpleton and a bully. Well, I’d like to add one more name to the list: Indian giver. On the Wednesday before Christmas, the president pardoned Isaac Robert Toussie, the New York developer who, in[Read More…]

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Obama Restores Hope Through His Humility

Sellinger Lounge was packed last Tuesday night – apparently, there was a presidential election. I wish I’d had more notice. The media can’t just spring these things on us. Walking into the Leavey Center, I stumbled upon a room full of screaming, blue-shirted Democrats who erupted in applause every time[Read More…]

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As Foreign ‘Welcome Mats’ Disappear, Studying Abroad Loses Its Appeal

I’m beginning to look into study abroad options because Washington, D.C., is no place for a government major – when in Rome, study American government. But, with the exciting options, I just can’t decide. For example, how can I refuse an authentic taste of Italy at an English-speaking villa catering[Read More…]

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Thicker Skin Will Help Obama’s Campaign More Than ‘Glamour’

Our modern information age can be overwhelming at times, what with newspapers, C-SPAN, political magazines and countless blogs. That is why I recommend choosing one trustworthy information source and sticking to it. Personally, I rely on a bastion of journalistic integrity – Glamour magazine. After reading Glamour cover to cover,[Read More…]

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Saving Homeless Shelter Takes More Than Magic

In the winter of 2001, five homeless adults died of hypothermia on the streets of Washington, D.C. One man, Jesus Blanco, a 43-year-old Salvadoran immigrant, was discovered 50 yards from the entrance to La Casa shelter, where he had been thrown out earlier that night. At the time, D.C.’s only[Read More…]

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