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Degree Calls for Broadened Empathy for Others

To sit down and write a list of everything I’ve learned in my few short months at Georgetown would take longer than my flight took to get here. But for the sake of reflection, here’s a sampling. Things that seem like common knowledge to the average Georgetown student, I had[Read More…]

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Extreme Weather Punctuates Warming

Back in mid-March, when the weather cracked the 70-degree mark for the first time this year, my friend introduced me to a great saying. Across a table at Leo’s, he grandly announced that we were basking in “double appendage” weather. That is, the temperature was finally within the narrow range[Read More…]

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American Enthusiasm Can Steer Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

I am an Australian exchange student who has been in the United States for nearly three months. As such, I have absolutely no hesitation in deeming myself qualified to make the sort of grand, sweeping generalizations that can characterize a nation of hundreds of millions in a few short sentences.[Read More…]

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