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Duncan Calls for Higher US Graduation Rate

The Department of Education hosted the first ever Voices in Action: National Youth Summit on Saturday to discuss how to make U.S. college graduation levels the highest in the world by 2020. The summit gave high school and middle school students from around the country the chance to engage in[Read More…]

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Students STAND for Libya, Advocate Campus Outreach

Members of the university chapter of STAND, an anti-genocide coalition, are hoping to spark a groundswell of campus support for the Libyan uprising. Though STAND was founded to protest genocide in Darfur, the Georgetown chapter has now diverted its attention to the violent unrest sweeping through Libya in protest of[Read More…]

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Metro Proposes Cuts to Late Night Service

A potential policy presented to the The Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority last week suggested cutting late service on Friday and Saturday nights. Under the proposed plan, trains would stop at 12 midnight instead of at 3 a.m., the current time. The board of directors suggested the plan as one[Read More…]

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Lau Studies Student Space, Socialization

An upcoming study will allow university researchers to examine Lauinger Library through a new lens. The library’s administration has commissioned a group of staff members to document the activity on the building’s second and third floors through still pictures. Photographs will be taken hourly on two randomly chosen days of[Read More…]

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9:30 Club History, Culture Documented

On Wednesday evening, the D.C. Music Salon screened an unreleased documentary on the eclectic musical past of the city’s popular venue, the 9:30 Club. The documentary, titled “9:30 F Street” after the club’s original location, featured interviews with owners, fans, employees and musicians reflecting on the venue’s days as a[Read More…]

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Chemo-Brain Study Kicks Off at Georgetown’s Cancer Center

Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center announced the launch of a study that examines the effect of chemotherapy on the thoughts and memory of patients on Jan. 31. Researchers will interview and run neurological exams and DNA tests on female breast cancer patients who have been treated with chemotherapy and hormonal[Read More…]

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