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Aramark Reduces Waste Through Compost Program

Aramark launched a new composting program in collaboration with the Office of Facilities Management and the Office of Sustainability, that will divert over 25 tons of food waste per month from O’Donovan Hall and Epicurean and Company from being sent straight to the landfill. The initiative was launched in early[Read More…]

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Students Gather To Discuss Diversity Course Requirement

Students gathered to discuss the need for a structured diversity course requirement on campus in a conversation hosted by Leaders in Education about Diversity and the Philodemic Society in the Black House on Tuesday. Students continued their discussion on the diversity course requirement at a town hall hosted yesterday by[Read More…]

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NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal discussed his personal brand and his commitment to philanthropy as part of GAMBLE’s Diversity Dialogue Conference on Friday.

Shaq Headlines Diversity Forum

Four-time National Basketball Association champion Shaquille O’Neal spoke about brand management and his philanthropic ventures, serving as the keynote speaker of the second annual Diversity Dialogue Conference held in the Rafik B. Hariri Building on Friday. The daylong conference, hosted by Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, discussed the[Read More…]

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Hoyalist Promotes Exchange

Inspired by the challenge of being unable to get a fair deal on textbooks, two Georgetown sophomores, Ignacio Llado (COL ’17) and Gustavo Martinez (COL ’17), have officially launched Hoyalist, an online Georgetown-specific platform that aims to connect prospective buyers and sellers of diverse items from textbooks to electronics. The[Read More…]

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USAID Executive Discusses Extreme Poverty

USAID Executive Discusses Extreme Poverty

Assistant to the Administrator for Policy, Planning and Learning at the U.S. Agency for International Development, Alex Thier, confronted skepticism regarding the possibility of ending extreme poverty by 2030 during the “Ending Extreme Poverty — A Story of Trajectories and Choices” event held on Thursday in the Lohrfink Auditorium. He[Read More…]

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The Booth Family Center for Special Collections, which will reopen in March, will allow students to get a hands-on look at Georgetown’s rare book collection, which features books costing up to $1 million.

Library’s Rare Books Excite

Students often mention how Lauinger Library, with its harsh fluorescent lighting and brash cement exterior, is the least inspirational study space. But with the planned opening in March of the Booth Family Center for Special Collections and the November addition of Ethan Henderson, a curator of rare books, that lack[Read More…]

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Rabbi Discusses Jewish and Catholic Relations

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Skorka, who co-wrote “Sobre el Cielo y la Tierra” (On Heaven and Earth) with Pope Francis, spoke about Jewish-Catholic relations as well as the need for limits on freedom of speech regarding religion in a discussion. The event was organized by the Office of the President, the[Read More…]

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Club Covers Cost of Cups to Control Contamination

Cups for Campus, a new program initiated by School of Nursing and Health Studies students, is a program that, if initiated, would provide free cups and health education to students in order to prevent the spread of diseases at campus parties. The group is currently fundraising and looking for partners,[Read More…]

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Professor Daniel Nexon related "The Hunger Games" to modern politics in his talk.

Professor Discusses Politics of “The Hunger Games”

Professor Daniel Nexon discussed the link between various forms of popular culture and politics in “The Hunger Games” trilogy Wednesday afternoon at the Mortara Center. Nexon began his talk by examining the historical instances in which entertainment meshed with government. He said that popular films and books have shaped the[Read More…]

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Palestinians Talk Education

Students from Birzeit University in the West Bank spoke about violations of the right to education under Israeli occupation in an event sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine on Tuesday. The students visited Georgetown as a stop on their U.S. Right to Education Tour, a two week trip to[Read More…]

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