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Navigating Farmers Markets

Navigating Farmers Markets

In the final section of Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, the well-known journalist and food intellectual writes about his attempts to create a meal using only ingredients he foraged for, produced or hunted himself. After baking his own bread, hunting down the pigs for the entree and gathering wild[Read More…]

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Slowly Savoring Life’s Bites

My Italian professor in Florence had a favorite saying: “Piano, piano.” The words, which can be translated to mean “slowly, slowly,” served to remind my peers and me to slow down our pace, to take the time to relax and appreciate the simple moments. Of course, as we were all[Read More…]

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Toasting 50 Years of a Georgetown Institution

Every Tuesday after 10 p.m., The Tombs becomes a battleground. During these late hours, the kitchen no longer serves its full menu, and the bar stays busy filling pitchers of beer. It’s Trivia Night at The Tombs. However popular it may be, especially with university seniors, this Tuesday night trivia[Read More…]

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Scouting Out Dessert

It is officially spring. Now we can wear flip-flops and pastels and sip iced coffee as we procrastinate on Healy Lawn. With the arrival of the season also comes the arrival of an array of fresh produce and ingredients. Yet even with the farmers’ markets teeming with new products, there[Read More…]

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Not a Diet, Just Delicious

I hate calling things “diet foods.” It seems anytime I eat a rice cake or a spoonful of Greek yogurt, somebody has to make a remark about my eating habits. While these items are in fact low in calories and technically considered healthier than a chocolate chip cookie, why do they have[Read More…]

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Fresh Foods Can’t Suffice

Everyone has a food weakness, and mine is green bean casserole. I know it may seem strange that instead of a chocolate cake’s fudgy center or an apple pie’s buttery crust, I prefer the cliche side dish that graces every holiday table, but I just love its hypocrisy. Considering that the main ingredient of[Read More…]

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Not Always Easy as Pie

Any day my dad makes pie at home is a day to celebrate — not because there is something going on, but simply because my dad is channeling his inner housewife and baking a dessert worth skipping dinner to enjoy. Whenever he does bake, my dad tends to lean toward[Read More…]

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It’s Easy Eating Green

You wouldn’t know it from my diet now, but when I was younger I was “that” kid. When told I couldn’t leave the dinner table until after I had finished my vegetables, I would sit in my chair moving my carrots or corn around with my fork until my mom[Read More…]

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Extremely Emotional and Incredibly Long

Most of us can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing on the morning of Sept. 11, 2011. For nine-year-old Oskar Schell, the memory of listening to his father’s voice on the answering machine from the inside of the World Trade Center torments him every day. Based[Read More…]

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Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say …

During my childhood, my mother persistently warned me that if I ate too much of one thing, then I would turn into that food item. Each time I heard this, I immediately thought of Violet Beauregarde inCharlie in the Chocolate Factory turning a distinct hue of blue and inflating with juice to become[Read More…]

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