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DC’s Gourmet Evolution

DC’s Gourmet Evolution

In a city where the power lunch long dominated, where suit-clad individuals traditionally brokered important decisions at the local steakhouse, food often took a back seat to politics and power. D.C. prides itself on being a center of power and influence, but for decades it lacked culinary power to match its[Read More…]

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Scooping Up the Seeds of a Fall Tradition

For as long as I can remember, my local church has hosted pumpkin sales to raise funds for the parish community. The pumpkins sold were always decorated with bold eyes, red mouths and wide smiles. Though I always encouraged my mom to buy at least one of the happy pumpkins,[Read More…]

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Quick and Easy Eggplant Parmesan

There are just some foods that take time to be appreciated. For me, one of those foods was eggplant. Looking at the fruit, there is really nothing very exciting about it. In spite of its purple hue, an eggplant has little to offer to the average eye. Part of its[Read More…]

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Villa’s Cafeteria Is No Leo’s

I have been in a food coma for nearly three months. Living in Italy is like living in gastronomic heaven. From the Nutella to the cheese and the pasta to the pizza, not a single day has gone by that has left me unsatisfied. The food is perhaps one of[Read More…]

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Working for the Weekend: An Italian Sunday Morning

When I was younger, every Sunday was spent visiting my Italian grandparents. Dressed in our best to impress outfits, my sister and I loaded into the car, and our dad drove us to the tenement house he grew up in with his big Italian family. Unlike the stereotypical Italian sons[Read More…]

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Love Language: Finding Eloquence While in Florence

In his essay, “In Defense of European Languages,” Carnegie Mellon professor Stephen Brockmann describes Italy and its language as “beautiful, fun and sexy.” Though as an Italian-American I am certainly biased, I believe that professor Brockmann is absolutely correct in his assessment. With such eloquence and poetics, the Italian language[Read More…]

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GTL and Solo Cups in Florence? Fuggedaboutit.

On any given episode of “Jersey Shore,” you can guarantee at least three things: gym, tan and laundry. Add in a lot of alcohol, a high poof of hair and fights on the beach, and you have the recipe for MTV’s highest-rated program. Jersey Shore is returning for its third[Read More…]

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Beat Language Barriers to Find Adventure

In the 14th century, Pope Benedict XI was on a mission. Looking for an artist to commission paintings for St. Peter’s Basilica, Benedict found himself in the “Jewel of the Renaissance,” Florence, Italy, where he encountered the immense talent of the painter Giotto. After requesting a sample of the artist’s[Read More…]

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Speaking Up About Suicide

In the past school year, Cameron Dabaghi, Tyler Clementi and Whitney Mayer has each received national attention. All three were young, bright and highly driven individuals working toward degrees at three of the nation’s most respected universities. A junior at Yale, a freshman at Rutgers and a sophomore at William[Read More…]

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Busing Home for the Holidays Gets Easier

Megabus, one of the many low-fare bus services operating along the East Coast, is expanding its service to and from Washington, D.C., to cities such as Boston, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Raleigh just in time for trips home from Georgetown for the holidays. With daily operations in a total of nearly[Read More…]

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