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GILBERT: From Mind-Wandering to Productivity

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, it’s hard to stay focused. Unfortunately for college students, the amount of schoolwork just before the holiday break seems to increase proportionally to our level of distraction. The holidays inspire a special kind of distraction. We are not merely shopping online or scrolling[Read More…]

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GILBERT: Sarcastic for Survival: The Hookup Culture

College romance, for the most part, is fleeting at best. Casual hookups, one-night stands and, if you’re lucky, the occasional date, comprise the “romantic” norm on campuses. Many attribute the punctuated-equilibrium style of love to a lack of time or desire for no commitment. While both factors might contribute to[Read More…]

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GILBERT: With Morality, the Heart Calls the Shots

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of meeting The New York Times columnist David Brooks after he gave a talk on campus. He spoke primarily about the generational culture shift from humility to excessive pride that has occurred over the past 50 years or so. I was more interested, however,[Read More…]

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GILBERT: Flocking to the Herd

As new college students arrive on campus, it seems that the nervous yet excited energy with which they take on the beginnings of campus life could probably power a small city. Typical freshmen behavior reminds me of something akin to a school of fish or a flock of birds; it’s[Read More…]

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Gilbert: Who We Are, Not What We Are

How do you respond to someone who asks, “What are you?” Clearly, there’s no right answer to such a weighty inquisition; yet, when I was asked this very question at the age of eight — by a classmate, no less — I felt compelled to answer, “human.” My peer was[Read More…]

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Gilbert: Grasping the Power of Pain

Lying on a gurney in the middle of a chaotic emergency room provides one with ample time for self-reflection. Somehow, despite all of my precautionary measures to avoid a fall, I stumbled and sprained my foot for the second time in 18 months. A few hours later, I was watching[Read More…]

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Gilbert: Decision-Making Under the Microscope

We all know one of those people who is seemingly perfect, filled with immeasurable “togetherness.” This person appears immune to procrastination of any sort, be it for school work, a job or just daily errands. Yet this person also knows how to have a good time. Everyone loves this person.[Read More…]

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Gilbert: Vindicating Video Games

“Playing games is a waste of time.” We have heard, been told and believed this line ever since the Ancient Greeks tossed around sheep knucklebones in a game called astragaloi over 3,000 years ago. From their humble origins, games have maintained their connotation of uselessness as they developed from simple board games[Read More…]

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Gilbert: Why Loving Facebook Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Power on. Click the blue “e” with a Saturn-like ring. Type “f” into the box at the top of the screen. Press the down arrow key once. Hit enter. In mere seconds, you’ve just accessed a portal to connect with over 500 million people. And this access isn’t some exclusive[Read More…]

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Break Up Student Stress

According to the slew of Facebook status updates on my news feed last Tuesday night, almost all of my friends were at or were going home for Thanksgiving break. So why was I still sitting in my dorm? Oh right, I go to Georgetown. At Georgetown, vacations are apparently associated[Read More…]

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