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At Home and Abroad, Problems Plague Next President

I was walking across campus last week and noticed the leaves on the magnificent elm tree in front of White-Gravenor starting to turn yellow. The thought occurred to me that by the time those leaves begin to turn yellow next year, so much will have changed. It is often possible[Read More…]

by December 7, 2007 0 comments Commentary, Opinion

Book Writing an Addiction for Professors

Well, I just finished another book. “Finished” is a bit of a euphemism, since I really only finished a draft that is now ready be read by my peers — hopefully without embarrassing me too seriously. But that is really the key milestone in producing a book — having a[Read More…]

by November 9, 2007 0 comments Commentary, Opinion

Missing a Foggy Day in London

LONDON — I write this column from London, where I am spending six days between classes, giving several presentations on my books and current research. And indulging in a bit of nostalgia. Three decades ago, I was ending a seven-year stint here doing my graduate studies at the London School[Read More…]

by October 26, 2007 0 comments Commentary, Opinion

Civil Service Distrusts Academics

I have lived in two worlds as a professional — nearly 15 years in the U.S. government and 25 years in the academy. Sometimes I am asked what are the differences and similarities between being a professor and being a public official. I’ll tell you one thing: the differences are[Read More…]

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How Can Universities Use Their Megaphones’

There is nothing like a good bout of the flu (which I suspect my students have generously shared with me) to make one consider the meaning of life and other elevated thoughts. My particular elevated thought today involves a question that we all have probably asked at one time or[Read More…]

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US Forces Both the Problem and the Solution in Iraq

All of the news this week is about Iraq, after the report from General David Petraeus on the impact of the troop surge. Petraeus followed last week’s report from retired U.S. Marine General Jim Jones (SFS ’66) on the state of the police and security services and the report by[Read More…]

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Summer Provides An Opportunity To See, Not Just Study

“So, how was your summer?” This is the question faculty and students will be asking one another this week. For faculty and increasingly for students, the answer isn’t expected to be about where you spent your vacation and what you did, but about what you learned and produced. Faculty, especially[Read More…]

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Real-World Experience Provides Real Education

Spring semester is quickly winding down. For freshmen, it must be a relief to be still standing, having survived the first demanding year of college. Piece of cake. Sophomores and juniors are looking forward to exciting summers — perhaps traveling or working, or maybe just staying at home or at[Read More…]

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Decades of Change at GU Are for The Better

I am one of the longest surviving Georgetown graduates serving on the faculty today. The differences between the Georgetown University of the 1960s and the university we see today could not be more striking, and the changes have all been for the best. In so many ways, Georgetown has gone[Read More…]

by April 13, 2007 0 comments Commentary, Opinion

Somebody Help Me, I Think I’m Becoming a Libertarian

Ages ago, when I was an undergrad at Georgetown, I was a content, optimistic liberal. Yes, there were lots of terrible problems in the world, but I thought governments could and should help solve them. Libertarians were anarchists in camouflage, for whom governments were the problem, not the solution. The[Read More…]

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