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Eerie Novel Spooks and Thrills

Eerie Novel Spooks and Thrills

I have to admit that I was dreading my 7 a.m. flight from Salt Lake City to Dulles. I woke up at 5, wrestled two humongous suitcases through the airport and started the brutal process of moving cross-country for my second year of Georgetown. My full intention was to read[Read More…]

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On Becoming the Earl Of Ice Cream Sandwiches

About two weeks into the spring semester, the gray, bone-chilling air of D.C. winters joins forces with the impending self-imposed spring semester schoolwork struggles. It is the low point in every year, distantly removed from exciting wintertime novelties of Christmas, yet still impossibly far away from the chocolate-filled holidays that[Read More…]

by April 20, 2013 1 comment The Guide

Curing a Sandwich Hangover With PB&J

Stopping at Stachowski’s for something delicious to eat on my way back to Georgetown from Dupont Circle has become a small tradition for me. If you’ve read my previous columns, you’ve heard about the epic Four-Meat Grinder. (I won’t go into the details again.) Last week, after a quick trip[Read More…]

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Searching For Bagels Beyond the Big Apple

While many of you headed to Mexico’s sunny shores for spring break, I had the unique privilege of fighting a snowstorm in New York for the better part of that week. People have wondered for millennia why the best bagels come from New York City. Some argue that whatever they[Read More…]

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Hunt for Better Cheddar

You wouldn’t believe it, but I ove it when sandwiches play hard to get. Something about chasing after an elusive sandwich is immensely gratifying to me, and I had a run-in with one sandwich in Georgetown that is the most elusive of them all. One Thursday afternoon last semester, when I was[Read More…]

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The Bread Paradox

Recently, there came a troubling point in my relationship with sandwiches when I began to wonder exactly what counts as a sandwich. Seeking clarity, I looked up definitions of the sandwich in the Oxford English Dictionary, Urban Dictionary and The New York Times and received a range of answers from[Read More…]

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A Sandwich Renaissance

For one-sixth of my life, I wore big metallic braces. From freshman year until long after I graduated from high school, the metal in my mouth fiercely dictated what I could eat. On Aug. 3, 2012, mere weeks before I came to Georgetown, my orthodontist pried that hideous metal out[Read More…]

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