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FREENOCK: Living in the Moment

“Checkmate,” my brother announces for the third time in three hours. In truth, I am accustomed to drubbings on the chessboard at the hands of my brother. He possesses a skill I sometimes lack — foresight. But I never stumble through a game; I always think ahead. If I use the appropriate[Read More…]

by November 21, 2011 0 comments Opinion

FREENOCK: Small Talk, Big Role

Tell me about what you are studying,” the nurse said as she plunged the needle into my arm. “I am a dime a dozen government major in D.C.,” I responded, my vision starting to blur. “Oh, that’s really interesting!” she said, perhaps too enthusiastically. “I missed your vein. We have[Read More…]

by November 7, 2011 0 comments Opinion

FREENOCK: Life’s Rough for Philly’s Phans

I have been in self-imposed hibernation for the past few weeks following the inevitable disappointment. It is a perennial occurrence, a period of cleansing that recurs several times every year, as constant as the change of seasons. I need this brief respite for my own sanity, to consolidate my strength[Read More…]

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FREENOCK: Try to Meet Your Pink Elephant on Campus

I spent much of my freshman year seeing pink elephants. It did not end there, either. One pink elephant followed me though my entire time at Georgetown, regardless of where I was or what I was doing. We all have pink elephants, and most of us encounter them every day.[Read More…]

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FREENOCK: Taking a Bite Out of Life

I have not eaten flour, dairy or sugar in four months. In the morning, I enjoy my steel-cut oats with fresh almond milk. For dinner, I prepare quinoa and salmon with steamed vegetables. Frozen cherries are my dessert of choice if I want to cheat. I do not drink soda,[Read More…]

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