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Curt Weeden, creator of New Strategies, leads a forum for the program. New Strategies will begin MSB operations in spring of 2015.

Program Assists Nonprofits

Beginning in spring 2015, New Strategies will begin operations in the McDonough School of Business. Part of the Georgetown Global Social Enterprise Initiative, the program is designed as advanced education specifically for upper-level management of nonprofit organizations, focusing exclusively on how to bolster and manage revenue for growth and success.[Read More…]

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TOWNS: The Changing Face of Celeb Endorsements

A common practice in the marketer’s toolkit of persuasive tactics is the celebrity endorsement.  Whether it’s Jennifer Aniston selling SmartWater or Matthew McConaughey convincing us that he actually drives a Lincoln, consumers are well aware that if a well-known celebrity is singing the praises of a particular brand, he or[Read More…]

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From left, founder Thatcher Spring (COL ’04), Bridget Sauer and Mike Schell comprise the team of GearLaunch, a startup.

Startup Enters Apparel Industry

Since leaving Georgetown a decade ago, Thatcher Spring (COL ’04) has been involved in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures, most notably his recent San Francisco startup, GearLaunch. Hoping to become part of a rising trend in e-commerce, GearLaunch distinguishes itself from other customizable apparel companies by allowing customers to not[Read More…]

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James Moore presents at an event for the Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative, which he heads.

Public Policy Initiative Launched

The McDonough School of Business announced the launch of its Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative on Oct. 15. The initiative focuses on how business and public policy intersect in modern society and the opportunities and consequences these interactions provide. The program will provide for a wide variety of events,[Read More…]

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A Google representative speaks to students at the International Career Conference. The conference offered students networking opportunities with companies offering jobs within and outside of the United States.

Career Fair Offers Global Opportunities

The Latin American Student Association and Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs held the first annual International Career Conference on Thursday in the Fisher Colloquium. The all-day conference offered students an opportunity to network and seek job and internship opportunities with international companies, such as HSBC, Goldman Sachs and[Read More…]

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SHAY: The Importance of Being Organized

The engine that keeps any organization running — club, nonprofit, business or otherwise — is the degree to which it can keep itself organized. I joined the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs as its chief financial officer this semester due to the particular knowledge I could bring through my role[Read More…]

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Startup Targets Restaurants

Startup Targets Restaurants

A successful startup company will identify both a daily problem and the solution — and that’s exactly what Improvonia, an app created by Georgetown MBA alumni Konstantin Zvereff-Akiiki (GRD ’11) and Jagmohal Bansal (GRD ’11), has done for the restaurant industry. Streamlining the ordering process with electronic ordering sheets for[Read More…]

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The Office of Professional Development opened in the McDonough School of Business this September. It will provide additional career advice and opportunities to students interested in business-related fields.

MSB Opens Additional Career Resource

The McDonough School of Business launched the Office of Professional Development in September to serve as an additional career resource for business students, who already benefit the most directly from the services provided through the Cawley Career Education Center. The office supplements the aid already provided by the Cawley Career[Read More…]

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Market Employs Students

Market Employs Students

This week, two paid positions for students at the Georgetown University Farmers’ Market opened, offering the opportunity to work with popular vendors, Vera’s Bakery and MsCurry. According to an email sent out by volunteer coordinator Emeline Kong (COL ’17), hired students would receive $9.50 or $15 an hour respectively per[Read More…]

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Members of the current Entrepreneurship Fellows Program are able to pursue entrepreneurship through classes and events. Applications for the program are currently open for sophomores.

Fellowship Program Expands

Applications opened this week for StartupHoyas’ Entrepreneurship Fellows program. The program, which began in 2010 with the Class of 2013, offers sophomore students from all four schools the opportunity to engage with a group of peers who have a vested interest in entrepreneurship. Fellows take three entrepreneurship electives through the[Read More…]

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