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KEENAN SAMWAY FOR THE HOYA Mario Capecchi, a Nobel Laureate in medicine and professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine discussed his research during an event on Wednesday.

Nobel Laureate Discusses Gene Therapy

Gene-targeting research in mice can help geneticists create therapies for human disease, Mario Capecchi, a Nobel Laureate in medicine and professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine, said during an event Wednesday evening. Hosted by the Italian Research Institute, an organization created to promote the ideas of Italian[Read More…]

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United Medical Center
UMC has made arrangements with Howard University Hospital and Unity Healthcare to provide prenatal care at community clinics in Wards 7 and 8.

Southeast DC Left in Need of Maternity Care After Birthing Wards Close

Washington, D.C.’s Wards 7 and 8 were left in need of maternity care centers after two D.C. birthing wards servicing the area closed late last year. Well-known in the D.C. area for serving individuals in need as it accepted patients without regard for their legal status or ability to pay,[Read More…]

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A promotional poster for the student startup Fiber Filters, which seeks to keep microplastics out of the world's oceans.

Georgetown Student Startup Addresses Microplastic Pollution

Student-run startup Fiber Filter is promoting its new fiber-catching laundry bag prototype in a promotional video that aims to pressure washing machine companies to take social responsibility for microplastic pollution. Fiber Filter startup founders Lola Bushnell (COL ’18), Carter Cortazzi (COL ’19), and Jaime Farrell (COL ’19) released the video[Read More…]

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Student Health Advisory Board to Launch Next Semester

A student health advisory board is set to launch next semester as a platform for students to voice health concerns on campus. Administrators originally planned to establish the board this semester, a plan that was announced in February but did not come to fruition. The university now plans to get[Read More…]

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Local News Site DCist Shut Down After Parent Company Labor Dispute

Local news site DCist was shut down late Nov. 2 after billionaire CEO Joe Ricketts — owner of DNAinfo and Gothamist, DCist’s parent company — announced a decision to discontinue publishing both news organizations. The decision follows an Oct. 26 vote by Gothamist reporters and editors to unionize following Ricketts’[Read More…]

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The D.C. Reads program, through which Georgetown students tutor elementary school students in reading, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary with community members from its eight teaching sites.

DC Reads Celebrates 20 Years of Tutoring, Advocacy

Georgetown University’s D.C. Reads program will celebrate 20 years of tutoring, mentoring and advocating for education in Washington, D.C.’s most underprivileged school districts Oct. 20. The university’s Center for Social Justice launched the program in 1997 in response to Congress’s passing of the America Reads Challenge Act, a law intended[Read More…]

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