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US Cases of Ebola Distract From Crisis

“EBOLA MAY BE IN D.C. WEAR A FACE MASK AND DON’T SHARE DRINKS!” read one text I got last week from a good friend of mine.The actual text had about eight more exclamation points, but I have confidence you sense the urgency she meant to convey. I could tell she[Read More…]

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After the Storm

After the Storm

At this time last year, students stocked up on Grab ‘n’ Go and retreated to their dorms for a two-day break from classes. While D.C. dealt with little more than strong wind and rain, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the hometowns of many Georgetown students. The severity of the Category 1 storm’s[Read More…]

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Harbin Sweet Home: Building Dorm Pride

Bears, burglaries and fires, oh my! Besides the bears, the above statement turns out to be a pretty accurate summary of my experience so far in Harbin Hall. In the mere three weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve survived two fire-scares (made memorable by their early-morning timing) and have had close calls[Read More…]

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